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  • Sam Stewart 6 years ago

    You are supposed to be teaching me- I have yoast premium seo and video seo
    - the most important button is the reading ease button- it must be green-
    to be green it must score a 70 – the closer you get to 70 the higher your
    page rank will be.To score a 70 , YOU MUST USE plain english- why does NO
    ONE want to talk about this? 

  • William Hardwick 6 years ago

    Thank you for helping be review Yoast, and let me know I am on the right

  • Deepak Kumar 6 years ago

    How to use yoast seo plugin for SEO.

  • Michael Jones 6 years ago

    Do you have any insight as to how to ad breadcrumbs to pages with Yoast

  • Amro80100 6 years ago

    Thanks Paul for your efforts and time

  • Paul Harvey, SEO 6 years ago

    Thanks mate. You’re a legend.

  • Paul Harvey, SEO 6 years ago

    All In One does the same thing, but not so well, IMHO. I’d be worried about
    conflicts, so I’d uninstall All In One if I were you.

  • Alexandra McAllister 6 years ago

    Thank you, Paul. You’ve explained it very well and it is so helpful for me!
    I appreciate the time you’ve taken to create this video!

  • Rahul Sharma 6 years ago

    Hey, I have installed – “All in one seo” plugin – So can also use this one
    or i have to delete all in one seo first? coz, i already sets my meta tags
    etc with that plugin – so what do you suggest.?