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  • Jez Bridson 5 years ago

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  • Azad Kalam 5 years ago

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  • Niharika 5 years ago

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  • Nazlan Nasir 5 years ago

    Hi Jim, thanks for these insightful tutorial…definitely make my life easy
    as a newbie. 

  • djoga4 5 years ago

    You are really GREAT! Thanks a lot!

  • Luke Norris 5 years ago

    definitely the best tutorial ive ever watched. plugins can be tricky

  • Jupiter Jim's Marketing Team 5 years ago

    @jaclyncastro Jaclyn, before I comment, I need to know what the four
    sitemaps are: pages, posts, categories, and what? Please let me know.
    Thanks, Jupiter Jim

  • seatown001 5 years ago


  • Jupiter Jim's Marketing Team 5 years ago

    Miguel, I am sorry I cannot figure out why you are having that problem. It
    doesn’t matter, just copy and paste “sitemapindex dott html” in the proper
    place when submitting the sitemap to google.

  • Emiel van den Boomen 5 years ago

    Thanks Jim! I follow your suggestions without any worries. You make it seem
    so easy!

  • Jupiter Jim's Marketing Team 5 years ago

    @JupiterJimLanders Jackie, sounds like I was the one helping you, LOL!!!!
    Skyping to Guam was cool!

  • Adarsh Kumar 5 years ago

    I wasted so much time for submitting sitemap. Its a cool video which it
    took me only few min to submit sitemap .. Thank you Jupitor

  • Jupiter Jim's Marketing Team 5 years ago

    Luke, Thanks for the highest compliment!!!! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  • Jupiter Jim's Marketing Team 5 years ago

    Mustafa, Thanks for letting me know I helped you! Feel free to go to my
    blog and subscribe so you’ll get all my new videos into your email inbox!

  • Jaclyn Castro 5 years ago

    @JupiterJimLanders Thanks Jim!

  • Jupiter Jim's Marketing Team 5 years ago

    @RussT1943 Russ thanks for your “thanks”! it’s always nice to be
    appreciated and I hope this gives your site the SEO boost that it needs!!!!

  • theJstufftv 5 years ago

    thnx bro…awesomlly g8..very helpfull….:)

  • Lashon Russell 5 years ago

    thank you very much for the info great tutorial

  • Maureen Freeman 5 years ago

    Thanks for this video. Easy to follow and understand.

  • Yulia B. 5 years ago

    Thank you for tutorial, Jim.

  • Miguel rosas 5 years ago

    is good video but , I need some help 6.17 minute when i click sitemap index
    it send me to my web site .

  • Jupiter Jim's Marketing Team 5 years ago

    You can use All-in-one SEO plugin but you don’t have to with Thesis.

  • Naeem Utmani 5 years ago

    very cool way of teaching……God bless u

  • Naviti7 5 years ago

    So helpful! Are you using this plugin because Thesis does not need the
    All-in-One SEO plugin? I have heard that plugin can make the sitemap also,
    but I assumed since Thesis has the SEO settings, the all-in-one is not the
    best option for Thesis users. Can you confirm this for me, Jim? Thank you
    so much!!

  • Stevan Mustafa 5 years ago

    Thanks Jim