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  • fragjuice 6 years ago

    On my page analysis I get No heading tags appear in the copy. how can you
    fix this?

  • Kyoon Na 6 years ago

    yeah it doesn’t have to do with generating URLs but what i’m saying is I
    wanna see Green light but then Hyphens annoying me like I can’t type three
    of hyphens on URL which means URL doesn’t match with focus key word

  • Kyoon Na 6 years ago

    One question I added a hyphen in the title. I was trying to add additional
    hyphen since blank is considered as hyphen in URL. For example the title is
    Jay Park – New breed but the the URL automatically revises it like
    Jay-park-new-breed Hope you can help me!

  • Blake Imeson 6 years ago

    this plugin shouldn’t be affecting the URL slug of the post/pages. This is
    normal WordPress behavior. What is wrong with the URL it generated? Spaces
    must be eliminated so hyphens are good and URLs are recommended to be all
    lowercase. What would you prefer this to be?

  • John Geyer 6 years ago

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  • rahulxxx2000 6 years ago

    Thanks For This Tutorial Can You Please Make A Video Explaining How To
    Setup Titles Setting In Yoast Plugin Because Its Very Hard To Setup, Thanks

  • Blake Imeson 6 years ago

    ah ok, in that case it may just be a glitch you have to live with although
    I would think Yoast would have solved this. At least this is just for your
    internal use and isn’t really negatively affecting SEO (in this case)

  • Blake Imeson 6 years ago

    You should be able to add a H1 or H2 heading to the post with the target
    keyword in it and that not show up. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to have
    a heading, in which case ignore the plugin’s advice.

  • john papad 6 years ago

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