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  • John C. Bailey 7 years ago

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  • PurelyUnintentional 7 years ago

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  • Joe Welton 7 years ago

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  • Mark McCulloch 7 years ago


    Absolutely fantastic video

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  • Enialla Seyer 7 years ago

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  • WPContactNinjaPlugin 7 years ago

    thanks for share! there are some useful tips for beginners!

  • Soumitra Chakravarti 7 years ago

    Stephen Hawkins of wordpress :D
    PS: Great video!!

  • Paul McCaughen 7 years ago

    Is this video for WordPress ORG only? Thanks,

  • SamsaJadeLewis 7 years ago


  • Vivvy777 7 years ago

    Love this video. Easy to follow. Very Helpful

  • Lupee911 7 years ago

    Dont get to angry now lil boy

  • chrisel29 7 years ago