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  • JTEgaming 6 years ago

    you never really taught me anything in this video. you just said what to
    do. i have tried to do some of the things you said but i dont know how to
    do half of this. 

  • Tom's Test Kitchen 6 years ago

    Very good video, excellent tips. Thanks!

  • Chad Murray 6 years ago

    Informative and funny.

  • Cris Morgado 6 years ago

    How to rank videos in Google

  • Irishlad147 6 years ago

    Brilliant video with brilliant information

  • Ginette Levesque 6 years ago

    Great video! 

  • Webmaster Forum 6 years ago

    Good video I found some new ideas from yours.

    Also you should add impressing background behind you, you will make your
    video better and attractive.

  • Glenn Byers 6 years ago

    Thanks for the info that’s what I thought.

  • Clash of Swiss 6 years ago

    thx man your helping me so much :D <3

  • JTEgaming 6 years ago

    how am i suppose to know what popular keywords people are searching for?

  • Glenn Byers 6 years ago

    Was wondering when you put your videos on the last part of the clip to
    keep them on your videos. Do you link them in annotations or video

  • Michelle Grigsby 6 years ago

    I loved your video! I appreciate this as I’m trying to build my brand. I
    heard a great tool to help with audio and recording from your phone…use
    the earbuds that has the microphone…just stick the earbuds in your shirt
    and put the microphone part close to your collar (smile)…Are You Using
    Intro and Exit Videos?

  • Ginette Levesque 6 years ago

    Best Video SEO tutorial I’ve ever seen!

  • Milwaukee Phoenix Media 6 years ago

    Your techniques work. I just got started and I have two of my videos on the
    first page of Google. Thanks Brandon.

  • Master Hughes 6 years ago

    I see a lot of people have learned to get their videos ranked but they
    still have very poor content . and effectively don’t really have any;
    skills to sell or products .one thing I teach is have a good product so you
    can focus on what your selling. 

  • Sean O'Hagan 6 years ago

    Great video :) 

  • Meeka L 6 years ago

    This video was awesome!

  • Jasmine Cooper 6 years ago

    Awesome video, great information!! Thanks a bunch, i know this will help me
    become successful in branding myself!! 

  • Jaye Carden 6 years ago

    Great job on the video. Very educational, with a great sense of humor. I
    laughed my @$$ off when the slap happened! Good stuff! Do you have a twin
    brother helping, or did you put yourself in as a duplicate? 

  • Anastasia Samsonov Caleb Lee 6 years ago

    love it

  • Nixon D 6 years ago

    Aaand refresh lmao

  • Claire Rathlin 6 years ago


  • News And Entertainment 6 years ago

    thanks so much

  • TheBeatSmith 6 years ago

    LOL…..he slap himself silly.

  • Logan Mathis 6 years ago

    Do these still work in 2014?