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  • Barakzay 7 years ago

    I was more wondering over the editing tricks

    James is that to much to ask you to show the editing Technics from this

    It was great ! 

  • what song is this

  • Mare Simone 7 years ago

    Great animation – and thanks for those inspiring stats. I am eager to do
    more with video… signing up!

  • Tanisha Phillips 7 years ago

    this is the truth

  • Percy Ordonez 7 years ago

    When can you add the 2013 version of Video revolution..? It will be awesome
    to see the next creative video. A follower, fan and customer.

  • PetAdorn 7 years ago

    You definitely had my attention. Had to subscribe your channel. Got lots to
    learn from. Thanks for the how to…

  • Gaurav Agarwal 7 years ago

    I suppose its done in After Effects ( The ultimate Adobe ) LOL , using
    Kinetic Typography , just search in google for Kinetic typography using
    after effects , you will get the answer , but just knowing the tool wont
    give this kind of quality … i mean this is perfection with creativity ,
    Hats off to James

  • Building The Beach DIY 7 years ago

    OK, you have my attention..

  • James Wedmore 7 years ago

    dude, we’re still laughing at you

  • Luis Galarza 7 years ago

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  • Joralie Limocon Entorum 7 years ago

    Watch the newest video by James Wedmore – 76% of marketers plan on
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    Video Revolution 2.0 (YouTube Statistics 2012)

  • Paul Ramsay 7 years ago

    *Video Should Be the Centerpiece of Your Promotional Efforts*

    We are a visual culture. It only makes sense to operate within the
    Video Revolution 2.0 (YouTube Statistics 2012)!

  • Benji Ortiz 7 years ago

    *YouTube 2012 Stats and the Video Revolution*

    Awesome videographic! Wonder if there’s an infographic somewhere. The
    branding is also phenomenal, not too pushy.

  • The Social Box 7 years ago

    Is video your top strategy? Are you ready to invest in the video revolution
    in 2013? → Social media has changed brands and consumers… and how they
    connect. Video is by far the most powerful medium.

  • Jesse Wojdylo 7 years ago

    *Do you know someone that is not convinced yet there is an online video
    revolution going on right now?*

    *Show them this*

    Wow how about those stats huh?

    h/t to +Jared Byer 

  • timtrottproductions 7 years ago

    Ditto: Online Video Marketing – Why Video Does It Better

  • Saboohi KhanTV 7 years ago

    An awesome video with some GREAT stats about YouTube to help you grow you
    business. Check it out! 

  • Damian Burns 7 years ago

    Why Brands & Agencies are doubling down on @YouTube: The reasons behind the
    surge in a 2 minute video (of course)

  • Abdulaziz Alzain 7 years ago

    Video Revolution 2.0

  • Kellie Hosaka 7 years ago

    Youtube Receives 4 Billion Video Views Daily and It’s the 2nd Largest
    Search Engine In the World… enjoy the Video Revolution 2.0 video…

  • Christina Profit Queen Vendley 7 years ago

    Are you taking advantage of the video revolution? Here are the latest
    stats for FB and Twitter by the king of YouTube, +James Wedmore .

  • Mascha Driessen 7 years ago

    Get the YouTube traffic report, great video!

  • Matthew Marley 7 years ago
  • Joanne Longtin 7 years ago

    Va Attention Era Media

  • Raquel Rosa 7 years ago

    Is youtube in your brand strategy right now?