Added by on 2015-04-12 – You want to scale your link building strategy? One of the best ways to do it is by creating valuable awards and badges. In this video I go into deep detail…
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  • Wil Reynolds 5 years ago

    @gregmoore66 You have to create a badge with a similar “prestige” and then
    you let them know that the old award is just that…OLD, and that you are
    doing PR and other things to bring value to them being an award winner.
    Thats the general gist.

  • Wil Reynolds 5 years ago

    @raayonaim just answered, TY!

  • raayonaim 5 years ago

    @wilreynolds Just visited and understood your concept. Thanks!

  • KJB123etc 5 years ago

    Thanks for the great idea, Wil. I’ll definitely use this.

  • Wil Reynolds 5 years ago

    @gregmoore66 anytime buddy!!

  • raayonaim 5 years ago

    Wil, thanks. I join gregmoore66′s question.

  • raayonaim 5 years ago

    @wilreynolds Thanks! Did the old badge they have actually expire? I mean –
    is the award no longer given and we come and offer an valid award? Or is
    their award just kind of obsolete?

  • Laura Grace 5 years ago

    Do you know any companies or SEO vendors experienced in running an online
    awards campaign such as this one?

  • Rich Mallon-Day 5 years ago

    UGH! … Ok… Wil is a great looking guy…. But could we PLEASE focus on
    the presentation! We need to see what he’s talking about. Sorry to rant,
    but this is a pet peeve of mine.

  • Greg Moore 5 years ago

    Will, Can you elaborate on the strategy you suggest here? If three years
    ago a site put a badge from my competitor on their home page, the
    competitor still has that home page link today. What tactics are you
    suggesting for getting the site to remove my competitor’s badge and place
    my badge on their site instead? Thanks. : )

  • Greg Moore 5 years ago

    Will, From the SEER blog and your reputation, I knew you have a top notch
    SEO agency. But I never really expected to get a reply to a question in a
    YouTube comment. Thanks!