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  • Steve Plunkett 6 years ago

    #links #spam 

  • braksator 6 years ago

    I am a bit confused about this. On the support page it says “If you don’t
    control the links pointing to your site, no action is required on your
    part.” but 3rd party sites suggest this manual action is a penalty, and
    this video recommends doing something about the links like contacting the
    webmasters and using the disavow tool. I find this to be a bit of a mixed
    message. Do I do something about this or not? Am I being penalized? 

  • James9703 6 years ago

    This is a really great video actually… It’s good to know that Google will
    reach out to people who have a difficulty with their site or with any
    aspect of SEO, there are many good, genuine SEO people out there, this
    really helps them to do things in the best interests of the Client and also
    the User

  • Silly Sheeple 6 years ago

    Um, I’m pretty sure there are other search engines out there besides
    Google. How about we exercise our consumer rights and send our business to
    them and tell Google to pound sand? I haven’t ever used Google and get
    along just fine…

  • Marco Varela 6 years ago

    Despenalizar un sitio en Google webmaster tools por una penalización manual
    por enlaces no naturales no siempre es sencillo. Google no proporciona
    todos los enlaces que apuntan al sitio y hay que juntar información de
    otras fuentes como majesticseo o ahrefs.com. Luego hay que agrupar los
    enlaces, eliminar duplicados, aislar los que son dofollow y revisar los que
    podrían ser clasificados como enlaces perjudiciales por Google.

    Una vez listados todos los enlaces de pago o de baja calidad hay que tratar
    de ponerse en contacto con los webmasters propietarios de esas webs para
    que eliminen esos enlaces o les pongan un atributo nofollow y esto es una
    tarea árdua pues la mayoría de los webmasters no suelen contestar o hacer
    caso a estas peticiones.

    Luego de todo este trabajo hay que enviar al disavow tool de google los
    enlaces de baja calidad que no hayamos sido capaces de eliminar y solicitar
    la reconsideración de la penalización. Este proceso puede tardar entre uno
    y dos meses mientras google nos contesta si hemos pasado la penalización.

  • Social Engagement 6 years ago

    Unnatural #Links Explained | #Spam Warnings http://ow.ly/tQGwb

  • Stuart Fox 6 years ago

    Google took manual specific manual action against my site – then upgraded
    it to sitewide without a further notice or reason. The inbound links listed
    on WMT do not contain links to my site anywhere, that I can find, we’ve
    spent months trying to trawl through the links / issues and there are now
    no links left that we built or have any control over, and they still punish
    the site. Great for those who want to practice negative SEO – but
    completely unfair that google can destroy a business for a reason that’s
    out of that businesses control.

  • Darek O 6 years ago

    I wondering if there is already filled up class action against google ? 

  • Amadeusz D 6 years ago

    Dumbest thing I ever heard! If you allow people spam websites for many
    years and then ban them then you act like monopolistic company! This is in
    your best interest catch the links and remove them instead of playing games
    of showing me 3 examples! This is against the logic, you just want fools to
    clean internet for free! for the links they already paid big bucks! 

  • Walter Analytics 6 years ago

    Unnatural Links to site – impacts links

  • Myles Golden 6 years ago

    *News from **#Google** about changes to Reputation Management*

    Matt Cutts warned against linking strategies that promoted sites that did
    not have authoritative content or contained questionable “truths.” In the
    video, Cutts uses the example of a very positive article being promoted
    through linking strategies at a time when negative press was targeting the
    same subject of the article.

    If you are concerned about #ORM for your product, company or individual
    profile, the warning may further stress those concerns, but it doesn’t
    meant that ORM can’t accomplish its goals.


  • Doru Badetchi 6 years ago

    Maybe for the first time Google speak about reputation management… in
    their blog: “Example scenario: reputation management”

    Unnatural links to your site—impacts links

  • Scrap Car Solution 6 years ago

    Unnatural links warning video.

  • Steven W. Giovinco 6 years ago

    Google (Matt Cutts) mentions online reputation management for the first
    time, I think.

  • Husein Yuseinov 6 years ago

    The kind of solution might be if you just ignore algorithmically all of
    those unnatural links to any website. I really want to know you thoughts
    about negative SEO and how to defense that danger?

  • NaturalistFiverr 6 years ago

    Matt, as per your words: “Google’s primary purpose,…is to make sure that
    you just get the BEST search results and that we PROTECT users from having
    a BAD search experience. So…, we’re thinking about how do we return the
    BEST quality results, how do we make sure that we NOT return SPAM…” You
    guys at Google have got it ALL WRONG!! Just GET RID of your ‘Backlinks’
    criteria to rank sites on Page 1 and simply concentrate on QUALITY content,
    ONLY then you will achieve your stated goals – PERIOD!

  • linda a 6 years ago

    Hello, thank you for this video. How do we know which links are the bad
    ones and which are the good ones? I would really like to remove the bad
    ones. Thanks again.

  • Adrian Bartlett 6 years ago

    How would Google rank your site without backlinks? Quality content is a
    subjective opinion that Google bot simply cannot do.. The only way for
    Google to give you credit for your “quality content” is through backlinks.
    Do your really think a machine can read an article and say “hmm, this
    article is really good, you should rank.” A machine cannot think like a
    person nor can it have an opinion. This is just simply not possible. The
    only way your quality content will rank, is when sites link to it.

  • Husein Yuseinov 6 years ago

    Thanks to Ahrefs tool, I’m tracking backlinks and put the new suspicious
    one into disavow tool, I don’t have that time to contact each websites
    webmaster and ask them to remove the link, it’s time consuming work and in
    most cases they won’t remove the links, because they get money for them. I
    think the negative SEO will rise it’s power in the future if you don’t do
    anything about it. It’s really cheap to buy thousands of links in SAPE or
    any other link network.

  • AlexRaGeAHoLiC 6 years ago

    quality content only gets natural backlinks don’t think you can outsmart
    google they have team they spend millions trust me they know better than you

  • Scrap Car Solution 6 years ago

    I tend to think if you hit by penalty or through Algorithm or manual,
    forget the site and move on and learn from it.

  • Spook SEO 6 years ago

    Excellent presentation with wonderful instructions, thanks Matt!!! There’s
    no doubt, Google is meant to provide a better SEO service to their millions
    of searchers out there. Therefore Google wants us to clean up any links
    that could potentially harm our sites being penalized.

  • Mike Montazer 6 years ago

    The background design is like the iPhone 5c covers. Way to stay ahead.

  • Patrick Coombe 6 years ago

    Thanks so much Matt. I’ve always wondered what would happen if someone
    started blasting my blog as part of a reputation management strategy to
    boost it for some unrelated keyword. It is good that your team is
    differentiating between this and regular blackhat stuff.

  • AlexRaGeAHoLiC 6 years ago

    so basicly someone can destroy our website by spamming 24/7 bad links to
    our domain?