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  • Lawrence Bland 6 years ago

    Excellent video, thanks for posting this.

  • Joe Simmonds 6 years ago

    Does anyone know if you can add ‘stories’ using Ultimate Demon like you can
    in SEnuke? What I’m talking about is the #1# #/1# tags that allow multiple
    sections to all be added or removed from the article instead of just
    spinning each element in out.

    I’m wanting to have subheads for each paragraph either

    , or not
    included at all. Spinning each on would mean that there would always be a
    weird mix of subheads.

    I hope that makes sense and that someone has an answer :-) 

  • Bill Bly 6 years ago

    Good video

  • Katrina Harden 6 years ago

    Hey Matthew do the resources files come with ultimate demon because I don’t
    see them on your site or below this video. I don’t mind buying them. If I
    have to buy them, where do I purchase them?

  • Janez Ozmec 6 years ago

    Matthew, got a question about Web 2.0 blogs in UD. Those are prebuild if i
    am not mistaken right?So those are the one you used?

  • silver2screen 6 years ago

    so, i was checking your channel and saw the review of SenukeXcr. i am a bit
    confused… which link building tool do you use? SenukeXcr or Ultimate
    Demon? or both?

  • Matthew Woodward 6 years ago

    Thanks =D

  • Jedrzej Karpinski 6 years ago

    Very cool video Matt.. as always. Cheers!

  • Vermino 6 years ago

    Question Matt: When scraping your own list, shouldn’t you be adding niche
    keywords with footprints to find relative sites to submit to? I mean you
    wouldn’t want to post a viagra article on an abstinence 2.0 web site right.
    I know moderation would take over but doesn’t google judge by relative

  • Matthew Woodward 6 years ago

    I use the software as seen in the tiered link building series. SENuke was
    made because people wanted to know how to use that for the tiered stuff
    instead of UD