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Every morning I check my twitter feed to see what is happening in the world. This morning I’m focusing on a Search Marketing Expo happening in Toronto for so…


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  • philch1 6 years ago

    Drop the “wankers” bit Jim, it’s not endearing…

  • Spook SEO 6 years ago

    You made a really great point here, Jim. But today, It has become really
    difficult to reach and gain real users and followers in Twitter because
    many are using bots and it gets confusing if these people really have real
    followers or just a bunch of fake ones to get popularity.

  • EverSpark Interactive 6 years ago

    Twitter is a useful tool for interacting with customers and prospective
    customers. It’s also useful for analyzing keywords and trends.

  • Amit Kakri 6 years ago

    Twitter is a worthy form, today!