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  • VirtualAssistantInc 6 years ago

    @SpaceHeaterStudios Great comment! I couldn’t agree more. Thanks for the
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  • MrSEOVideos 6 years ago

    @Dwritewell Hey – thanks for the comments. Glad you’re enjoying the vid’s.

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    @alocalseo Yes, basic – but a good place to start for many who are just
    starting out. All the best, and thanks for the comment.

  • VirtualAssistantv 6 years ago

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  • alocalseo 6 years ago

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  • SpaceHeaterStudios 6 years ago

    Your comment about twitter being a type of social media, not marketing, is
    an important point. There is nothing worse than businesses continually
    advertising products or services with little interest in engaging customers
    and followers on a more personal level. The comment about ratio of
    followers to following was also relevant. I rarely follow businesses who
    follow thousands but are only followed by a few. I usually assume there’s a
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