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  • BrainChild666 7 years ago

    Your website has a great ranking on alexa my website is 345,000 yours is in the 40,000 that is really good. How much traffic do you get on a daily basis?

  • BrainChild666 7 years ago

    SEO is silly just have a good title that sums up your video that is under 60 characters long. Then make heading 1 and 2 similar and then add in the same words to your tags. Elithecomputerguy says SEO expertise is overrated and if you follow the above direction that is all you need?

  • jmgrp 7 years ago

    Your welcome.

  • jmgrp 7 years ago

    Your welcome Walter. Glad it was useful.

  • jmgrp 7 years ago

    Thanks. More videos posted

  • jmgrp 7 years ago

    Your welcome. Thanks for watching.

  • Neonbelly99 7 years ago

    Great videos - thank you

  • seoservices adelaide 7 years ago

    keep em coming

  • Walter Solano 7 years ago

    That was great, thank you so much.

  • cyumig 7 years ago

    nice intro -thx!

  • jmgrp 7 years ago

    Your very welcome. :) 

  • mooi jewelry 7 years ago