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SEO and title tags. Here’s a quick summary of html title tag best practices when you’re doing on-page optimization. This video tutorial is a segment of the C…
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  • EverSpark Interactive 6 years ago

    Great information about the purposes of title tags. The title tag and the
    description tag are easily the most important meta tags on a web page. The
    content in both will show on the search page and should properly describe
    what the visitor can expect when they click the link.

  • Nazikind1989 6 years ago

    ich mag kekse

  • TheMegamaxi2 6 years ago


  • Unique SEO Tips 6 years ago

    Thanks for sharing the video dude! We would like to exchange ideas with you
    about SEO tips and tricks anytime.

  • DannyServis 6 years ago

    Thanks man, this helped me a lot with my new website

  • OnLivesElvis 6 years ago

    The online training course is great- really helps me out with the SEO
    aspect, which can get tricky sometimes. Cheers

  • Tommy Griffith 6 years ago

    You gotta make sure you get your title tags right! If you don’t have the
    right title tags, it makes everything else dramatically more difficult.