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Watch the worst twitter marketing blunders during the anniversary of September 11th. Subscribe to our Channel: Join Us…
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  • Cathianne1 5 years ago

    As a survivor of the attack on WTC, I am less upset with greedy amoral
    companies trying to exploit this for monetary gain, than I am with those
    who push all the conspiracy theories. Once and for all. I saw the second
    plane with my own eyes, I took cover as I tried to escape as fire, glass,
    concrete and human beings feel around me. Don’t tell me about missiles or
    theories of why the building collapsed, I was there arse hole while you say
    in you camouflaged PJ/s in your mother’s basement.

  • modelmajorpita 5 years ago

    Wait, what do troops have to do with 9/11? 9/11 was civilian victims
    rescued by civilians, police, and firefighters. Why camo bear?

  • YooToobModerator 5 years ago

    Easy on the red bull vince buddy…

  • YooToobModerator 5 years ago

    Easy on the red bull vince buddy…

  • Brian Halvorsen 5 years ago

    We will never forget [to exploit a tragedy]

  • Swift BMF 5 years ago

    Snarf Snarf,,Doesn’t know how to hashtag properly,Snarf Snarf.

  • Truth Mashup 5 years ago

    Dear Brands, On September 11th just take a day off ok? Watch us run down
    the worst marketing offenders. #uspoli #marketing #FAIL