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  • Brad Forsyth 7 years ago

    A very good video on the latest Search Engine Optimization techniques. Well
    worth watching.

  • Douglas Lampi 7 years ago

    I just watched this video (well, I mostly listened to it in the background
    while I was cropping images in photoshop) and was pretty amazed at what I
    learned about SEO!

    The Latest SEO Tips with Rand Fishkin of SEOMoz

    I’ve added Rand to one of my circles so I can learn more from him!

  • billy jane 7 years ago


  • DigitalWarlok 7 years ago

    Wow great content!! I love hearing about these new changes in SEO. Thanks
    so much for putting this together and sharing it with us. Keep it coming!!

  • Jack MacVine 7 years ago