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  • Darlene Bruehl 7 years ago

    I started painting for an hour in the morning (so I did faces on my practice head to photograph and put in my book) and had a little spare time to work on some ideas I had…I did a gig this Sunday and guess what? My second client asked for that very design and I could say “sure, I can do that!” My husband is my assistant (during the week he is a business professor at a local college) and he heard you were doing this, so he watched it with me…Woo Hoo! snuggle time over a u-Tube video!!

  • 25melason 7 years ago

    This was excellent. I started sending my clients a thankyou card with thier invoice inside earlier this year. I really love the idea of getting to know the managers of stores before I approach them. I have even taking over handling the kids at birthday parties my children have been asked to when I see the moms getting frustrated. That has spoken volumes to the other moms. They all say,”Wow, you are a natural” Then I can let me know what I do for a living. Thanks!!!!

  • Erin Reed 7 years ago

    Dont worry Heather! We are still friends! I do the same thing and my kids look at me like: Uhhh…. i dont know you…. :P Thank you again for all your wonderful help and support! Love it! <3

  • Claudia Whitehead 7 years ago

    thank you Heather for your advise.. last week I began to devote one hour to my business doing a few new thing and definitly saw results this weekend in my carnival and birthday parties I had. I saw results immediately!!! super

  • Nancy D 7 years ago

    Lov yr ideas and the positive attitude to go forward with my business. Thank you so much for your beautiful smile and caring heart –
    see u in May :)

  • Rachel Lindsay 7 years ago

    Hi Heather, great video, I do similiar to you, I stick in the headphones, put on the music and dance around like mad to let of a bit of steam, great stress buster!

  • Christine Maentz 7 years ago

    I met Heather last year at FABAIC… this young lady is genuine & greeted me like she’d known me forever! She’s very sweet & very smart!

  • MvSW80 7 years ago

    Thank you so much for sharing your Great ideas and philosophy. Xxx

  • Danielle Visser 7 years ago

    Hi Heather, thank you so much fir the other part of face painting business. Just started my own, and hopefiully my business will grow along your business videos! Great tips that I am allready applying, but nice to have them framed in the bigger picture! Can’t wait till next week :-) . Colorfull greetings all the way from Holland!!

  • Montse3070 7 years ago

    You’re amazing Heather….youre passionate and so giving! It blows my mind xo

  • Helen McMullin 7 years ago

    I hang on every word you share and love some of your terms used that just hit home. You are a visionary and I look forward to your next inspiring blog.

  • Evelyn De Jesus 7 years ago

    What I would love for you to address is whether or not a beginner should ever work for free. I’ve heard conflicting information. Would love to know if you did a lot of charity work when you first started and if you feel it benefitted your business as much as you had expected. many people have said it’s a waste of time and doesn’t really lead to gigs, just leads to more people expecting you to work for free.

  • PanamaDoll1 7 years ago

    Great stuff!!!

  • ChloeLaraghNolan 7 years ago

    Thanks so much for this series, it is so helpful and full of tips and ideas that I can put into use right now. Silly Farm won’t know what hit it when we’re all stocking up for all our bookings.

  • yarisfacepainting 7 years ago

    Thank you so much for your great advice Heather, I sometimes use letter me later as a reminder for myself. I can also schedule an email to be sent at a later day but write it today. For example, I can schedule an email to be sent in a few months.

  • Nola Cleveland 7 years ago

    Thank you Heather for the helpful and important information. It is very much needed and I am very grateful for the advise!:) Gonna find my pump up music!!;)

  • smweaver1388 7 years ago

    What an inspiration. I love that you did a follow up email to that lady eventhough she was irritated. You never know what is going on in someone else’s day. Can’t wait for the next Green Brush episode!!! Thank you a thousand times!

  • monicapowery 7 years ago

    Wow! I can totally relate to everything you talked about in this video. Thank you for the great advise…can’t wait to watch the other videos!

  • Allen Oxendine 7 years ago

    Thanks so much for the advice Heather, keep doing a great job….