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  • josephbushnell 7 years ago

    Hi, I’ve never used Nichebot I’m afraid so I can’t give a comparison. Market samurai is definitely beginner friendly though, I really recommend it for beginners and more advanced users too

  • patioelf 7 years ago

    Hi Joseph,
    I”m pretty new to the game and wanted to know if you thought this keyword research tool would be more user friendly for a beginner. Do you have any thoughts about nichebot, which used to be free?

  • LocalConsulting 7 years ago

    I like this take on keywords. I actually found some pay per click software that I extremely like and I am sharing the review video on my channel. I’d like some feedback of what you think about it if you’re into adwords, or ppc.

    I very strongly think that this is often a brilliant means to primarily spy on your competitors…

  • habbodude12 7 years ago


  • josephbushnell 7 years ago

    No I haven’t? How is it better than Market Samurai?

  • josephbushnell 7 years ago


  • josephbushnell 7 years ago

    Yes they do but it’s limited in the info it can provide. I use it sometimes for basic YT keyword research but not for more than that

  • itunesgiftcardgen1 7 years ago

    youtube has a kw tool too

  • AngelicaJul Yngayo 7 years ago

    You should try Keyword Scout.

  • Julie Anguay 7 years ago

    Has anyone tried Keyword Scout?

  • diepha49 7 years ago

    Nice Tutorial.

  • Maria Jules 7 years ago

    Just want to say thanks using this everyday now haha!

  • KadoomerangsPingas 7 years ago

    this video is very useful 

  • sangcuteo 7 years ago

    that what I am looking for a while

  • Linas Nesvarbu 7 years ago

    thank you from africa!

  • 81omgdude 7 years ago

    Im liking this shit…. Favorited

  • sulzata89 7 years ago

    Great video! I like It!

  • Draku Quậy 7 years ago

    TOP! TOP! TOP!

  • 987456manu 7 years ago

    kudos. cool vid.