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  • Ileane Smith 5 years ago

    Hey +Jouelzy I love your energy and enthusiasm. I’m following your Tech
    Tips. Are you still doing the Twitter chats? Let me know so I can
    contribute. Peace!

  • JustMichelle aka RadiantBrownBeauty 5 years ago

    Great tips! Especially, the shared content info and social media sites. I
    can’t keep up with all these sites sometimes so I stick with the major ones
    (FB, Twitter, YT and IG).
    Branding does however go beyond your SEO. For example, the color scheme of
    your website and the fonts you use across all of your social media sites in
    the design that tie back to your website are part of you branding yourself.

  • Regal Fro 5 years ago

    Great information 

  • Keala Jacobs 5 years ago

    I really needed this one. I’d pay for that advice.

  • Raquel Algarin 5 years ago

    Ur so bomb.com I just wanna bottle you and drinking you for energy lol

  • Paville Aldridge 5 years ago

    Great information! Every time I begin to try and learn more about SEO I
    become intimidated by all of the info that I do not understand and give up.
    I guess it is is worth the time and effort to know more about it. 

  • SistersWithBeauty 5 years ago

    Always great seeing you lovie… Break it down and come get this #Werk
    #TechGal #LovesIt #GetTheSEOoutOfHere

  • Rebekka Abigail 5 years ago

    I watched this video when it came out several months ago but I am back
    again now that I’ve started my own youtube channel and started producing
    content. Great tips that I think about whenever I write a description for a
    video. Thank you so much!

  • Ai Li 5 years ago

    amazing! thanks Jouelzy. Starting a website, and this is really helpful!

  • KogitateAlways 5 years ago

    Thanks Jouelzy you’re the first to clearly explain SEO!

  • Erika B 5 years ago

    I want to get more in to the tech world especially when it comes to
    blogging. I feel that I have the social media aspect on point and I
    gearing up to begin vlogging on YouTube. Where do I go to learn more about
    blogging such as creating my blog, changing HTML/CSS and all that fun
    stuff? I want to be able to create my site without having to utilize the
    templates that are premade!

  • Camia Lastname 5 years ago

    Thanks so much for the SEO tips Jouelzy. My mom and I have a jewelry and
    handbags website (ismchick.com sorry had to lol) and earlier this month I
    applied your tips to our site and we have seen a major increase in traffic
    and a major increase in sales. Thanks again! :) 

  • Terrisa S. 5 years ago

    Love this video, Jouelzy! Your Tech series is definitely something I am
    going to following. Keep it up! oxox, TK!

  • ChicaRizada94 5 years ago

    Felt dumb as a log watching, but thanks for sharing! I’m not tecchie at
    allll lol.

  • Anani BY 5 years ago

    First thing I did was make my name the same on twitter, IG, and YT since
    I’m uploading videos. This is a great vid. Very useful information a lot of
    which I didn’t know! Adding to favorites!

  • Toni Daley 5 years ago

    Do you host your own webinars?

  • Cicily Mitchell 5 years ago

    Jouelzy, you are simply magnificent! I don’t use You Tube that much (at
    the moment) but you are genuinely a breath of fresh air, truly helping the
    masses. I will SHARE SHARE and SHARE. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  • drina patricia 5 years ago

    Have no clue what you’re talking about but i thumbs up the video anyway 

  • Breanna Reynolds 5 years ago

    Love it, a blog on this would be very much appreciated

  • Alex Amethea 5 years ago


  • Gena Gilder 5 years ago

    Thanks Jouelzy! I really needed this. I will be passing this on to my

  • nuaha021 5 years ago

    Yay! A new vid…. I still watch even though I’m not a techy. I came here
    for the wig.

  • Lunie Elie 5 years ago

    This definitely very new information.Thank you for sharing

  • Blkbutterfly7 5 years ago

    Great info, thank you for being so concise and breaking the info down,
    makes me want to explore it more. Do you have any self teaching Web design

  • azucarmorena5000 5 years ago

    YES! More tech videos. i have a technical background and also deal in
    social media project management.