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  • Lloydel Pessoa 7 years ago

    Definition of GURU

  • Prince Xaba 7 years ago

    Inspiring indeed!

  • MegaShot4 7 years ago

    You don’t need a VC to be a good and profitable startup.

  • MegaShot4 7 years ago

    This is a must-watch for EVERY single technologist entrepreneur. Thanks for this enormous trove of videos, ESJV.

  • Dina Tuladhar 7 years ago

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  • jorge Rich 7 years ago

    Extraordinario video…Para verlo y escucharlo varias veces

  • HiddenWen 7 years ago

    More than anything it shows how good a business men steve jobs is. Articulation and very thorough understanding of the environment.

  • HiddenWen 7 years ago

    More than anything it shows how good a business men steve jobs is. Articulation and very thorough understanding of the environment.

  • Halaswamy Naik 7 years ago


  • Tomek Pietkiewicz 7 years ago

    Mistake One: Multiplying big numbers by 1 percent. Mistake Two: You scale too soon. Mistake Three: Obsession with partnering. Mistake Four: Pitching instead of prototyping. Mistake Five: Using too many slides and too small a font.Mistake Six: Doing things serially.Mistake Seven: Believing 51% is control.Mistake Eight: Believing patents is defensibility. Mistake Nine: Hiring in your own image.Mistake Ten: Befriend your VCs. Mistake Eleven: Don’t believe that VCs can add value.

  • Olaf Klischat 7 years ago

    OK, I promise I won’t share this video with non-NeXT members.

  • Md Asaduzzaman 7 years ago

    3 words. Mad Money Missionary. Search Google for it :) My father is making $5k every 30 days using it.

  • jkalifa 7 years ago

    The reality distortion field did not solve the fact that green white board markers never work. Not even for Steve.

  • Claudio Alvarez 7 years ago

    Reality distortion field detected!

  • pranesh dhandare 7 years ago


  • kbxpTV 7 years ago

    Tim Berners-Lee developed WorldWideWeb (custom app) and implemented the world’s first web server (network service) on a NeXT workstation with Ethernet networking.

    The web (HT TP) subsequently facilitated global interpersonal computing via the internet (TCP/IP), supported by the domain name system (DNS) and used alongside the email system (SMTP) which already existed.

    Now the web itself is a de facto standard interpersonal computing platform featuring custom apps and productivity apps.

  • Harpreet Seehra 7 years ago

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    The secret of success was to screw up as late as possible. Then look good in a coffin.

  • Bill Bob 7 years ago

    He failed to see in the distant horizon that PCs and LINUX are emerging at only a small fraction of the price. Now add powerful GGPUs.

  • cchokl 7 years ago


    Thanks.  You are such a genius!

  • cryotic wolf 7 years ago

    im not saying the apple soft ware isn’t good, im a huge fan of the imac. until i looked up the specs part by part. found out i could of saved £500 ): 

  • Andreas Christofi 7 years ago

    That’s because your main motive as a consumer is just the rational attributes of a product and you don’t consider the functional attributes or brand loyalty to be a fairly important factor when choosing a product. But that’s your own personal motives. I am a fairly recent Apple customer (and longterm Microsoft customer), I’m extremely happy with my Apple products and don’t consider them pile of crap. Paying extra money “for the logo” is what makes me proud to be one of their customers.

  • Huike 7 years ago

    “and these machines are not for mere mortals” lol

  • anupcool29 7 years ago

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  • 2ShaeNL 7 years ago

    Don’t be a dick