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  • Spook SEO 5 years ago

    That is a good tool out there. People should know that organizing your
    thoughts takes so much of the job. You do not have to work with the things
    that will only produce a clutter on your website. Make sure you post
    constantly and with quality. 

  • WeCannabis 5 years ago

    when does my key arrive ?

  • AaronH9111 5 years ago

    I LOVE both Stealth Keyword Digger and Competition Analyzer!! ^__^ Only
    thing I don’t like is they run too slow… :( Anyway to fix that Alex?

  • Alex Safie 5 years ago

    HI It’s takes into account 3 factors; the CPC, the number of ads showing
    and one more (secret)

  • Alex Safie 5 years ago

    Yes I’m working on a new software that will have that feature

  • Alex Safie 5 years ago


  • 100PercentBestChoice 5 years ago

    Nice Information. Great To Research Keyword. Thank You… :-)

  • dimasikos 5 years ago

    your program work with russian keywoards ?

  • electropiknik.cz 5 years ago

    does it work with czech words to?

  • VillaroProductions 5 years ago

    How does it determine commercial intent?

  • NatureCureTube 5 years ago

    Impressive piece of software. The see below advice only makes sense when
    you view the video in the Warrior forum thread.

  • Jhonny Kee 5 years ago

    Thanks mate, this software are ROCK! :D Nice job

  • Alex Safie 5 years ago

    Yes it does

  • Alex Safie 5 years ago

    Hi Aaron I’m currently working on a web version of the software that will
    be much faster.

  • Steve Haase 5 years ago

    I purchased your Stealth Keyword Digger yesterday and the Stealth Keyword
    Competition Analyzer just now. All I can say is Alex this is AWESOME! The
    only regret I have is I didn’t know about these 2 programs a couple of
    weeks ago, before I purchased Market Samurai and spending more than twice
    what I paid for these 2 products. THANK YOU! Steve H.

  • forexautotools 5 years ago

    Nice One… Thank you very much

  • VillaroProductions 5 years ago

    Any plans on creating a YouTube keyword tool digger and/or competition

  • Gold Bullion 5 years ago