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  • Roosevelt J. Sidney 6 years ago

    Social media are media for social interaction, using highly accessible and
    scalable communication techniques.

  • James J. Pierce 6 years ago

    Social media marketing is the wave of the future. Great job!

  • Robert G. Wallace 6 years ago

    Very well said!! Thanks for your inputs on social media.

  • Thomas F. Webb 6 years ago

    This video is so full of valuable information, it’s like attending a
    marketing class – very, very good content! Thank you!

  • Jesse B. Sedillo 6 years ago

    i think what you really need here is some knowledgeable methods and plans
    for you to earn!!!!!

  • Rebecca F. McMinn 6 years ago

    Nice professional video. I agree that Social Media Marketing is important
    to any business to become a market leader.

  • Rafael K. Reynolds 6 years ago

    Social media also help by creating your companies brand awareness on the

  • Ian McCarthy 6 years ago

    You might interested in the YouTube video of the social media honeycomb

  • Bart S. Taylor 6 years ago

    Social media marketing involves online communities, social networks, wikis,
    blogs and forums for boosting public relations, sales, customer service and

  • Jay C. Dixon 6 years ago

    Social media is certainly much more than just a buzzword today. There are
    opportunities and measurable results that it offers that can be extremely
    beneficial to companies of all sizes.

  • Barry J. Butler 6 years ago

    The use of social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs and
    Facebook among buyers has grown considerably over the last two years.

  • Richard M. Williams 6 years ago

    Your name is just as important if not more important than your business,
    and that is why knowing how to use social media marketing in the right way
    is imperative to your success.

  • John K. Murray 6 years ago

    Great video to make a business recognized throughout the social media!
    watch this video!

  • Allen M. Garza 6 years ago

    In a general sense, Social Medias are websites which not only provide
    information to you but also interacts with you.

  • Al L. Marble 6 years ago

    Social media marketing strategies have the potential to make a company’s
    products and services go viral if businesses are able to grasp the
    effectiveness of establishing a brand and a brand reputation online.

  • Joan J. Ford 6 years ago

    Social media is one tool to promote your business using different
    application embodies to each site that you can use to deliver your business
    on your prospect clients.

  • Gary A. Trujillo 6 years ago

    Each company must define social media as it applies to their company. An
    effective internet marketing plan will help you get on the right track.

  • Kenneth R. Gordon 6 years ago

    If you watch this video more than once you will get new ideas because there
    is good information on social media networking!

  • Olga R. Stull 6 years ago

    Today Social media is one of the most powerful tools for marketing and
    hence, the role of social media marketing management firms is increasing
    day by day.

  • Larry T. Thomas 6 years ago

    The smart use of social platform could bring immense business for your

  • Ronald M. Ryder 6 years ago

    Great video to make a business recognized throughout the social media!
    watch this video!

  • Benny R. Hamilton 6 years ago

    Social media revolutionizes the concept of communication and interaction on
    the internet. Nice video!!!

  • kevin topliffe 6 years ago

    Good video on the basics and where to start.

  • Jeffrey A. Walker 6 years ago

    Social media marketing has become one of the most important online
    marketing strategies of every business. So guys don’t take any risk and
    follow these guys for better result!!!!

  • John N. Cox 6 years ago

    Social media should be a strong part of your marketing plan. Without social
    media you will lose the competitive edge and a loss of potential sales.