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  • LTHFTW 7 years ago

    I’m watching this for my social media marketing class right now! Brilliant!

  • Niranka Pathak 7 years ago

    very informative video

  • Timothy Hooker 7 years ago

    stop the background music

  • sultan sobuctageen 7 years ago

    @hemawrg I’m hitting about $1800 a day at the moment. Finding the right niche is key… without that you’ve got nothing. If you wanna know more the Cash Lab has a sweet ebook and its free, It won’t be free for long so I’d sign up now –> bit.ly/L1bsBU?=vfvebw

  • Razvi2112 7 years ago

    Subscribing to you videos. Really great channel. I love this way of stuff. Online marketing is the best thing I discovered via Internet

  • sylwiatime 7 years ago

    I think you’re missing the point. It’s not about future. It has already happened.

  • BroyhillVideo 7 years ago

    When i see all these future predications I like to pop out one of my fav quotes, “The fact that you can visualize a future in your imagination is not evidence that it is likely or even possible. Look at domed cities, jet-pack commuting, underwater cities, mile-high buildings, and nuclear-powered automobiles — all staples of futuristic fantasies when I was a child that have never arrived. Sheer processing power is not a pixie dust that magically solves all your problems.”

  • VirtualAssistantv 7 years ago

    This is good! I love how short yet very informative and entertaining it is. And yup, social media marketing is going to be big.

  • gariouscom 7 years ago

    I strongly agree that social media brings a fundamental shift in the way we communicate. Awesome video!

  • Bogusglem 7 years ago

    hey where did you get these statistics?

  • Kartika Menon 7 years ago

    nice one!!!!!

  • z boh 7 years ago

    You’re good…so good…WAY TO COPY!