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  • Brian Kendrick 7 years ago


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  • Joel Rendall 7 years ago

    This was great and practical. Thanks :)

  • Sangita Chauhan 7 years ago

    great video useful

  • usama allam 7 years ago

    thanks jim

  • David Waumsley 7 years ago

    This was excellent – Thank you all

  • Steven Watson 7 years ago

    Great information, thank you for the tips and examples.

  • Upficial 7 years ago

    Hi Jim, great concepts here. If you’re looking to expand your outreach, you can check out Upficial. Our goal is to give experts like you a platform to reach others. Right now we have a quick survey on our site — let us know a bit about you and we’ll build the tools you need!

  • Pj Thomas 7 years ago

    Great information. Especially saying Not to link FB and Twitter which is something I was told to do, but thought better of it. Glad you confirmed my decision. Thanks.

  • smbizdoitbetter 7 years ago

    Great tips! Love the points about how visuals drive engagement.Keep it up!

  • TheLocalTravelerNS 7 years ago

    Just wanted to update (this really shows how fast SM changes)…Facebook just announced that they will be adding hashtags. We do plan to do a quick follow up session so additional questions can be left in the comments section here.