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  • Clint Shipsey 7 years ago

    What a stupid video

  • James Cook 7 years ago

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  • MyPageDotCom 7 years ago

    Social media should be used responsibly. The introduction given by this
    video to a lot of people is not enough to teach everyone the ethics of
    social media. It is not just about posting what have you done recently or
    where you are eating. Information is spread easily and sometimes opinions
    are taken out of context with it. Everyone should be careful with what they
    are posting.

  • Audria Hartse 7 years ago

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  • FRAGGARED 7 years ago

    They forgot about the hate

  • AbleReason 7 years ago

    Good vid. One big difference tho, is that if you make ice cream in
    Scoopville you’re probably not having your personal information given to or
    sold to advertisers and the government.

  • Why Media 7 years ago

    #Social #Media in plain #English! #whymedia #socialmedia #marketingagency

  • Socialish.net 7 years ago

    Quick and direct way to introduce people to what social media is and what
    it can offer.

  • Raymond Doetjes 7 years ago


  • Spook SEO 7 years ago

    This covers the basics of social media and it’s really helpful because
    there are people that have little or no idea about how social media works.
    There are even those that have just been introduced to the internet. Videos
    like this can really help them.

  • Is this for completely clueless people? Must… press… stop… now

  • Summer Sevilla 7 years ago

    Thank you so much! (:

  • Fernando Frenkel 7 years ago

    Muy bueno!!

  • Ability Multimedia 7 years ago

    The most common question we get in our #SocialMedia seminars is how it
    works as a business model. Click to watch it on YouTube for 3 mins and 44
    seconds well spent.

  • Jennifer Butler 7 years ago

    Great video on why social media is now mainstream and if you and your
    business are not on board you are leaving money on the table.

  • AllFamous Digital 7 years ago

    Social Media in Plain English. This is an excellent short video that
    explains the why what and how of social media using a very simple ice cream
    analogy. It is worth a watch.
    #socialmedia #socialnetworking

  • iFactory 7 years ago

    Social Media in Plain English. A simple story that illustrates the forces
    shaping social media. http://ow.ly/mQQgL

  • ibox adelaide 7 years ago

    Social Media in Plain English

  • Project Chiron 7 years ago

    Common Craft explains social media through a simple story.

  • Shamblesguru Smith 7 years ago

    Social Media in Plain English

  • WebbKinex _ 7 years ago

    [Social Media] can be difficult to understand – simple explanation in this

  • Jason Loui 7 years ago

    Awesome video if you are trying to introduce/teach people social media

  • jill Yang 7 years ago

    social media

  • Blake Pleasant 7 years ago

    “Social Media in Plain English” by ‘The CommonCraftShow’

  • Annerie Els 7 years ago

    Found this to be quirky and informative