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  • WebSEOlogy 7 years ago

    Another great White Board Friday. Yes, this is certainly a dilemma, and I feel it more and more as we move toward stricter algos. I am a very small consulting company and find content marketing to be a healthier, yet longer, more difficult process. I would like to think I incorporate both methods however, with a lean toward white-hat link building practices. I believe a solid blend of relevant content, social AND link-building is what’s needed to stay healthy (with the emphasis on SOLID).

  • DENNIS N. DUCE 7 years ago

    Clear and simple. This is a vital question many of our customers don’t understand I love the 4 key points on how to decide. This should open up a number of productive conversations.

  • DCD Complete Marketing Solutions 7 years ago

    Content marketing has such a great benefit because not only does it provide great content for people to link to but it also presents the writer/company as an expert in their field before the reader. Great stuff!

  • MozHQ 7 years ago

    We’re so happy to hear that this helped you figure out your next step to compete against your competitors. Best of luck! :)

  • Julian Gonzalez 7 years ago

    Fantastic Whiteboard Friday. Our company is in a similar situation. Link Building has really been the focus but the serps are now becoming filled with large competitors with enormous budgets. I fully believe in making the switch to content marketing, or least diversifying our efforts into a more balanced strategy. Thanks Rand! I think this wast he push we needed