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  • Spook SEO 7 years ago

    In some ways, I believe this can help people in their internet marketing endeavors. If you can see that this can help you, trying it out is the only way to know if it will really work for you or not. It’s not mainly about the tools we use anyway but how we use them to our advantage.

  • chanaka2424 7 years ago

    It kind of looks like a boring method to earn money online though if you know what I mean? Effortless Money Machine is unique, and it makes it easy. Search Google for the phrase Effortless Money Machine to see what I mean…

  • Chris Cantell 7 years ago

    I thought I would give an update on SEO Resurrection. This was launched in January 2013. I proved the power of the package by getting a website to rank on page 1 of Google for multiple keyphrases. I got the site ranking in November 2012, and it is still ranking at the top of Google for these keyphrases

    This shows the power and relevance of the package. If it was anything other than quality, it would not be able to stand up to Google’s algorithm updates – click on the link in the description

  • Chris Cantell 7 years ago

    It is a UK company, so the results will be on Google UK. The site is ranking right at the top of page 1 of Google for multiple keyphrases, and it has been since November 2012

  • Chris Cantell 7 years ago

    The site I promotes using the SEO Resurrection process is there on page 1 of Google. It has been since I got it ranked. Please check again – right at the top of Google for multiple keyphrases

  • marshmallowpiestuff 7 years ago


  • Chris Cantell 7 years ago

    The SEO Resurrection Package has received a huge number of rave reviews. It is one of the most comprehensive Off Page SEO Packages that has ever been created.

    It does deal with article spinning, but this is a completely new method of spinning. You have never seen any thing like this before – Ever!

    Take a look at the YouTube demo video titled: –

    SEO Resurrection OTO Off Page SEO Package

  • Chris Cantell 7 years ago

    Hi – This is way more than article spinning. This is a complete comprehensive Off Page SEO Package that includes the following: -

    – Knowledge
    – Technique
    – Strategy
    – Software
    – Tools

  • Nick Stubbs 7 years ago

    It is predominantly, yes, and whether or not you buy it depends on your current experience. If you are new to internet marketing, you may find some bits useful but if you are already well on the way with making money online, I would say not.

    I don’t want to take anything away from Chris as he seems like a nice chap and is clearly trying to help people make it online, but for me, I don’t believe article spinning is the way to go.

    For $12, you may find some useful “nuggets” in there…

  • Winson Yeung 7 years ago

    so this is about article submission and stuff? Is it worth the $ to buy the program?

  • Mike Pressnell 7 years ago

    I just did all the searches you show in your video and I can’t find that URL on the first page of any. What is this all about? Care to explaine?

  • Tony Dolling 7 years ago

    I could not find them on the first 10 pages!

  • Fernando Herboso 7 years ago

    Here’s January and Tracey homes is all in second page. . how can you make it last on #1?

  • JackWilson56 7 years ago

    is this for real ??

  • alinabeana23 7 years ago

    you are awesome

  • maricelamccroy 7 years ago

    wow i want to marry ur vids 

  • timlongweinerberg 7 years ago

    Nice vid! :D  Halo Reach is awesome :)

  • NarutoxBijuu 7 years ago

    im definitely subscribing for the new videos :D

  • JackWilson56 7 years ago

    you shoulld have 1 million views.

  • NormaEPetersen 7 years ago

    Nice video! Im checking out your channel xD

  • Alle Dia 7 years ago

    Was it really you that made this video, or stephen hawking? Because its really intelligent!

  • 1986kimkim 7 years ago

    cant wait to seem more 

  • Dougie4u87 7 years ago

    amazing work on this! subbed

  • tompingtilton 7 years ago

    lol same thing happend to me

  • marcolino131 7 years ago

    Thumbs up if you watched the video and will watch it over again!