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  • TheBlueprintGuys 7 years ago

    awsome video thankyou!

  • Top Yourweb 7 years ago

    Really good tutorial it has been very helpful for me

  • patryktv 7 years ago

    finally learning about back links, haha duh!

  • Sonitek SEO 7 years ago

    very useful and informative

  • WebsiteTrafficz 7 years ago

    Backlinks are so important..

  • massoutreach 7 years ago

    well explained video

  • sonitekca 7 years ago

    informative video. thanks for posting them

  • sonitekca 7 years ago

    excellent way to check, who links backs to us.

  • wordsmithbob 7 years ago

    Good basic video on checking backlinks. And Yahoo is a good place to start. However, I recommend checking links on Majestic SEO. They have a free version and are much more effective than Yahoo. Just a thought. 

  • ioventures 7 years ago

    Good explanation of links. Not so complicated that some can’t understand.

  • Helmuts Meskonis 7 years ago

    great tutorial… i never knew that :) now i am able to track every backlink of my concurents :) tx

  • MrSeobot 7 years ago

    with links can be good to raise your site in google

  • Brian Collingwood 7 years ago

    Quality Linkbuilding Video…

  • Ben Deal 7 years ago

    very clear, useful and informative video for this subject!

  • Gavin Stephenson 7 years ago

    well explained. Backlinks are the key to good search engine rankings

  • dealmaker007 7 years ago

    Since this video was made yahoo has created a tool called yahoo site explorer which is even better for examining backlinks

  • Keith Griffiths 7 years ago

    Great Video!

  • mixer28 7 years ago

    We had limited time for this video - but you make some good points!

  • montyloree 7 years ago

    This is a good tutorialif you’re just starting into link development for your site