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  • Harry Robins 7 years ago

    A honest assessment of modern SEO. There are few shortcuts. Thanks for the video

  • Nicki Minaj 7 years ago

    ok how can i get my website/fansite on the front page of google?

  • Manpreet Singh 7 years ago

    Its nice about what points you have mentioned for seo in 2013 ..but as you said that indian seo is dead , i think it will not be . Although some companies do not perform that does not mean death of indian seo….

  • Monty Burn 7 years ago

    Good stuff Gabby and thanks a lot for giving up your time and expertise to produce such an AWESOME video.


  • Distnction 7 years ago

    distnction dot us

  • Swords Edge 7 years ago

    As you said Google is a company and have to answer to their share holders and so they are very lenient with eCommerce sites like amazon. They are punishing the small websites even when they did provide value. And just because there were linked to a sand boxed website!

  • Swords Edge 7 years ago

    The only people who got devalued was people using automated software that is mass distributed and that leaves a foot print which is very easy to detect with panda machine language reading capabilities. BUT, the people who use their own self created automated software that is not commercialized are not detected in panda update because they took time to leave a legit like foot prints impossible to detect unless Google extra focused and their is a huge waste of resources for Google.

  • Swords Edge 7 years ago

    the best part is you can build links automated but make sure the content is great and you can use automated to build real lists of people, building real email lists of real people, especially Google + etc.

    But Panda is a joke! I still see many sites with literally no content and even a empty website ranks at number “ONE” and the competition for keywords are so high as well.

  • Swords Edge 7 years ago

    Building lists old school method still works :) , depending on people to build authority rather than Google is the way to go

  • Swords Edge 7 years ago

    Google+ is a sneaky release that wants to truly measure the real value of company

  • Swords Edge 7 years ago

    7.53 Your 7 points are wonderful,
    but content can be duped
    the content cannot be continuously unique, because everyone borrows information from everyone else
    social signals can be duped

    The panda update, is a joke!
    It is not powerful enough although the panda automated learning machine language can read the characters and detect the fake link building software foot prints
    But the funny thing is even big companies Amazon depend on the SEO companies believe it or not

  • John Delahaye 7 years ago

    I’m just getting in to SEO and I’m so glad I’ve entered the market after these changes have been put in place. The old link building / blasting thing always seemed like bullshit to me and the future of SEO has a sense of honesty about it. Thanks for the video. Very useful.

  • Swapnil Bhat 7 years ago

    I must say its a great eye Opener for Old School SEOs and A great encouragement for newbies…great Job Gabriel..happy 2013 to all

  • Gonca Pilicheva 7 years ago

    I like your video Grabiel :) You are saying interesting stuffs, and true of course.
    I will get subscribe, and get update with all your information you are sharing.

  • jarel101 7 years ago

    5:41 haha trust me I learned my lesson a few months ago.

  • Έπιπλα Χριστοδουλίδης 7 years ago

    realy nice video

  • Aaron Tietje 7 years ago

    Good conversation for those business owners that are stuck on the fence. Look forward to checking in on your updates throughout 2013.

  • shriram sharma 7 years ago

    nice but article also need for thats

  • Carlos Alvarez 7 years ago

    Great video. People are going to have to start building their online presence through more than just link building. Social media is a great tool. I used some of your points in my blog. :) i will post the link soon. Thanks

  • Rob Thomas 7 years ago

    Gabriel… that was awesome. Talk about a kick in the pants, I think you gave it to me. I am ready to learn more, actually try to use social media effectively, start thinking about content strategies and going for it. I have been a total procrastinator for a long time now. I own a tee shirt brand and have basically told myself, it’s impossible to build a online business around my brand, but you have made me see the light : )

    Bondi Buddha

  • Gabriel Machuret 7 years ago

    Thanks buddy

  • webmarketingadelaide 7 years ago

    Nice video Gab