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  • AARONLAING9 6 years ago

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  • mikesjunkmail00 6 years ago

    nice vid.. what type of camera and editing software are you using…

  • David Arrigo 6 years ago

    @yutnuoe My bank account is exploding these days ($800-$1200 a day). Make
    sure you get into a sizzling niche ready to buy. Trust me your gonna like
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  • gravtex 6 years ago

    One of Panasonic’s 3CCD cameras (I don’t recall which model of the top of
    my head) and the software is Visual Communicator.

  • seotastic 6 years ago

    SEO advice was interesting

  • SEOsource 6 years ago

    Also, it’s not only about the sites related to yours that are linking to
    yours, it also depends on the PR(Page Rank) of the website that is linking
    to you.

  • VirtualAssistantv 6 years ago

    i strongly agree on what you have said. links are the very important aspect
    in the search engine optimization. the more links you have, the better
    visibility in the internet. and it could really affect your rank.

  • lyriconUK 6 years ago

    This is the first video I have watched of yours and it wasn’t really a
    lesson was it. It seemed to me to be just a way for you to build your list,
    by getting people to download your e-book. If you are going to call
    something a lesson then at least have some useful content. If this video
    presented something useful then I would be more inclined to trust the
    download would also, and then I might give you my name and email address in

  • gravtex 6 years ago

    Okay, you have to put your info into a box, and then I’ll send it to you,
    but it doesn’t cost anything – hence, free.

  • pmadesk 6 years ago

    better if you’ve put enough info about link building dude!

  • Very helpful.

  • Maya Medved 6 years ago

    @gravtex I tried ordering it too, but it led me to a shopping cart page…

  • אורן פיטוסי 6 years ago

    השיעור הראשון בהדרכה היה מאד מעניין

  • optixit 6 years ago

    This jacket fits better than the brown one which is 2 sizes too big Bro

  • Spook SEO 6 years ago

    I love videos that show nothing but doability. There is nothing wrong
    about a tool that asks for money in return. This is already rampant in this
    business. Some of them work well while some of them do not. It will just be
    up to you on how you will sort them.

  • SEOsource 6 years ago

    You are wrong. You said your search engine ranking doesn;t require you to
    do anything on your site but only off site factors. This is not true
    because not only do you have to do link building, but you must do on site
    optimization, meaning that you optimize the content on your websites so
    Google bots/crawlers can pick up better information for what you stire
    offers so it can better deliver your site to a potential customer when
    making a search.

  • marketingmama 6 years ago

    Your report isn’t free but it looks good. I can’t wait to sink my teeth
    into it. Sheree