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  • nalts 6 years ago

    You’re more than an I to me, Tim. 

  • Melody Lane 6 years ago

    What is ROI for us regular people?

  • Joe Large 6 years ago

    I think that’s the essence of “relevant”…that is importance to people.
    Establishing Value has to do with ROI etc. Nice video Tim..Look forward to
    your upcoming videos.

  • Adam Cox 6 years ago

    Very true mate. Good stuff.

  • Chad Wild Clay 6 years ago

    Merry Christmas Tim!

  • AdamIvy 6 years ago

    Amen! I couldn’t agree with you more Tim.

  • ASMR Angel 6 years ago

    See you in the new year Tim!!

  • SkinnyMedic 6 years ago

    Thank you for another great video!

  • OSW Review HD 6 years ago

    Oh, this has nothing to do with the Republic of Ireland (ROI)!

  • cheekychickenhead 6 years ago

    Good points in this video. Sometimes people start to focus on views and
    subs so much that they lose sight of why they started on YT which is to
    make entertaining content. 

  • Margaret Olander 6 years ago

    Beautifully put!

  • USCPresident 6 years ago

    ((Tim))!! what’s up…? :) you gave us a lot for sure but ya to think about
    different values :) I been trying from day one from my sub day to get ya in
    to the gaming community or culture. Maybe take a look at the next E3 for
    us. /Bow God bless man we all love your work bro. 

  • Cory Tyler 6 years ago

    Great reminder, Tim! Merry Christmas!

  • Ivan Nelson 6 years ago

    Tim, this is a great point. ROI for social media and social video goes
    beyond metrics and includes the ability to engage with one’s audience,
    whatever the reason may be. There are numerous ways this engagement can
    lead to better business, including customer insights, improved image and
    customer loyalty, deeper and wider relationships, etc…

  • Ethan Vanderbuilt 6 years ago

    ROI is people! It kind of reminds me of Soylent Green. Ha ha ha. 

  • DKlarations 6 years ago

    That was great, very well said. It’s easy to forget the people on the other
    side of our (however humble) numbers.

    Also, I dig the ‘backdrop’ in this video!

  • CAZTV 6 years ago

    Great Video Tim, What rez are you posting this video, it look amazing in

  • Steve Goldberg 6 years ago

    Nice message that I will take to heart for my next productions coming up in

  • Lorna Wilson 6 years ago

    Great #videomarketing advice to consider for the year ahead

  • the Fortress of Nerditude 6 years ago

    Great point. I will definitely make this a focus.

  • Grant Crowell 6 years ago

    This video doesn’t actually take the time to address how you show the
    connection between positive, sustainable engagement and ROI. If you can’t
    do that for your company or clients, then you’re not going to make an
    effective case for getting a budget and commitment from them. 

  • Paul van Mondfrans Lindén 6 years ago

    I totally agree with you! The most difficult part is to convince larger
    companies to start using videomarketing for these purposes instead of just
    doing it for ROI. 

  • Barbara Vega 6 years ago

    How about this talk is cheap. Provide service free to 5 people and then you
    will be respected more. If you do make a video about it and you will have
    all my respect for what you have to say until then business will remain

  • KITTEN for BUNNY 6 years ago

    you’ve been really on a positive and powerful compass. really nice Time!

  • HELLADJ 6 years ago

    nice work tim