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  • Melanie Murphy 6 years ago

    I couldn’t focus…that t-shirt. Gimme! :) Where’d you get it, man? But
    yeah – fab video, I keep getting told by subs that they found me on reddit
    & I’ve no idea what it is! :P I’ve had 8 million views in one year on here.
    I need to get hip with the lingo! 

  • Amy Smith 6 years ago

    Reddit is an okay site to get traffic. Too bad most people on Reddit don’t
    want to buy anything…

  • Coo Mason 6 years ago

    I just signed up for a Reddit page and got a message not to link to Amazon,
    but to goodreads instead. I did this and several minutes later went to my
    site and got a message that since it looks fairly new, it was deleted to
    prevent spam.

  • Jamie Blake 6 years ago

    Love the video. I’ve been looking to promote my site somewhere other than
    Yahoo, Google and Bing. It never occurred to me to use Reddit. I sell magic
    mushroom growing products. There are a lot of stoners on Reddit. Just what
    I was looking for. Will definitely subscribe to your channel.

  • Slacker Magician 6 years ago

    wait did you say you steal your articles lmao

  • ValorousDefined 6 years ago

    Someone needs to lay off the meth

  • signiturelady 6 years ago


  • Wayne Phillips 6 years ago

    Well, it looks like lazyassstoner has gone to the front page of Reddit and
    is getting so many hits that it has gone offline! I haven’t been able to
    load the site for the past several hours.

  • Light Twins 6 years ago

    Nice bro keep it up Active Stoner love it

  • Daniel Silva 6 years ago

    can you make like 5 accounts and just upvote your own link? is that
    cheating or something?

  • EMIP TV 6 years ago

    My videos always get removed when I self promote using reddit. How do I
    prevent that from happening? +Lazy Ass Stoner 

  • There probably needs to be another video on properly following Reddit’s
    rules. If 10% or less of your posts on Reddit, should be from your site, as
    in their rules, then there will have to be a lot of posts from other sites
    before you can post your content.

    I wanted to post my content so, I posted items I read on the web. I just
    got a brick from Reddit. They say not to post too much. The brick is
    symbolic that I will break Reddit and I am spamming.

  • Maggie Euphoria 6 years ago

    Hi, First of all I should say that you rock. The kind of info you give out
    helps a lot. Now, my question is that if I can repost the same link that I
    posted on Reddit more than once? If so how many times can I do it without
    being marked as a spam? Please advice!

  • RankingLiveTv 6 years ago

    Thanks for the great overview on reddit well worth the 13 mins

  • HappyGoldLucky Las Vegas 6 years ago

    loving your videos dude! you’re the man

  • captaincarl1 6 years ago

    I’ve watched a few of your videos. You have potential to be more telegenic.
    This isn’t hating, this is constructive –> use activated charcoal (so
    cheap, it’s basically free) to whiten your teeth. Look it up, Lazy Arse. It

  • Greg Shevnin 6 years ago

    Your not that Lazy…

  • TheLiamJMullen 6 years ago

    This worked quite well for me thanks. How do i get that social media plugin
    that you have at the side of your article?

  • Magnus W 6 years ago

    Great video! :)
    One question:
    Which plugin do you use for your share buttons on your timetolegalize page?

  • Skibbles Ocarina 6 years ago

    See his teeth ? This is why you shouldn’t do what he does.

  • Commenting on other submissions on Reddit is a good idea when you first
    join. Reddit’s rules are more strict than that. I did no commenting at
    first. I just posted all my articles there as I published them – one or two
    a day. Soon, I got a message saying I am doing that too much. Try again in
    one hour. Everytime I tried to post, it said the same thing for several
    days. The same thing happened when I tried commenting on other posts.

    Messages to admin proved futile, as this first happened about a year ago. I
    messaged them then, and I got no answer. I just messaged them again. This
    time, I got an answer. Reddiquette or the rules from the link on the bottom
    of Reddit do not tell you all the rules.

    There is another rule page that doesn’t have a link on the bottom of
    Reddit. http://www.reddit.com/wiki/selfpromotion says you have to vary the
    domain you link to -
    less than 10% should come from your site. My site was “banned” although I
    never got the message. I only got what I described above.

  • badboy gangsta 6 years ago


  • Leon Knife 6 years ago

    very useful video, Thanks 

  • Joseph J 6 years ago

    Awesomer you ought to me ashamed of yourself for talking about someone like
    that! Are you 100% perfect? Never made any mistakes in life.. I bet you
    have the perfect life nothing ever goes wrong!