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  • Frankwatching Video 6 years ago

    @heather589 hi Heather! Thank you. My sisters never really appear in
    Webwatching, but you can check us out on YouTube: TheTheTripsisters :) We
    just started posting some videos, just for fun. Thanks for watching
    Webwatching! :)

  • Frankwatching Video 6 years ago

    @geraldwthomas haha yeah, he gets some good training! ;)

  • Elja Daae 6 years ago

    LOL that Liam…I mean, little Rik. Great camera work considering his size! :-)

  • Normando Flores 6 years ago

    Damn this is awesome, I love your ending credits. Little Rik looks good.
    Keep them coming Pels, good job.

  • heather589 6 years ago

    Cool, soooo cool. Do your sisters ever appear in your shows Pelpina? I saw
    them on your web site, they look just too hip for words.