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  • jmgrp 7 years ago

    Thank you.

  • jmgrp 7 years ago

    Thank you Maria, feel free to pass on the information. Thanks for watching

  • jmgrp 7 years ago

    Your welcome Kevin. Glad you enjoyed the video. More videos to come.

  • Taylor Watkins 7 years ago

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  • seoservices adelaide 7 years ago

    really good quality info…most people write a 20page ebook about stuff like this and sell it for $17-$37

  • jmgrp 7 years ago

    Glad that the video helped clear up some things and easy to understand. Thank you for watching.

  • Kevin Ferrasci OMalley 7 years ago

    Very useful and helpful video for any small business owner. Thanks very much for putting this together. I also appreciate that you provided a lot of good value and didn’t heavy hype/sell your services.

  • maria Fellenberg 7 years ago

    This clear up my mind, everybody can understand it ,even me ;) . This needs to be shared.

  • promomdis 7 years ago

    Quality and open advice – credit to you Jason

  • NASConline 7 years ago

    I work for the National Association of Solution Providers and Channel Partners (NASC) and would like your permission to re-post this video on our website

  • jmgrp 7 years ago

    Hi Robert, I am so glad that I was able to share some unfamiliar items. Glad you were able to pull some new SEO tips info out of the videos.

  • Robert Hughey 7 years ago

    Excellent Resources here. I am experienced in most, but more importantly – you’ve shared what I’m unfamiliar with in such a clear and straight-forward manner that I feel confident about trying some new things, experimenting and learning what these services can do for me and my professional efforts. Thank you very much. :)

  • globalmarinenetworks 7 years ago

    This is excellent information that I can implement NOW to improve my site’s seo. Over the years I have found your training so helpful and it has made a significant difference in our site rankings. Thanks so much, Jason!