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  • storyspinner 5 years ago

    Google… DOES NOT own DMOZ, nor does someone from Goolge look at your
    submission. This is a lot of false information!

  • Wil Reynolds 5 years ago

    Google doesn’t own the DMOZ directory, do they?

  • plaboon 5 years ago

    I know the Audio wasn’t that great but in truth neither was the video :) This was my first test recording a seminar and it was very last minute.
    Hope you enjoyed the message though!

  • Surya Lesmana 5 years ago

    Anyone tried the MoboRank (search on google)? I’ve heard many unbelivable
    things about it and my friend greatly boost his site SERP with it.

  • Prashanth Randadath 5 years ago

    Thanks. But the audio quality is very poor.

  • Subhash Jain 5 years ago

    One way links from other related directories will really improve the page
    rank of web site. thanks for this type of posting

  • Wil Reynolds 5 years ago

    Umm yeah what she said :)

  • dosoqi 5 years ago

    One way links from other related directories will really improve the page
    rank of your web site.

  • plaboon 5 years ago

    I hope you all enjoy this video of me going over Directory Submissions and
    One Way Link Building. If you visit my blog you can get the documents that
    go with this video. Thanks again for visiting!

  • zibzer 5 years ago

    I enjoy your videos. But good luck trying to get posted on DMOZ. Ive been
    awaiting approval for well over a year

  • Surajanjana 5 years ago

    As i know also till now that google does not own Dmoz but Google Support
    Dmoz for his directory, alexa too. If you site would be listed in Dmoz that
    means you are also listed in Alexa and Google Directory and thats why all
    one try to list his site there. Poor quality of video but good and
    informatics. Thanks for share with us.

  • plaboon 5 years ago

    Thanks for the positive comments on the videos I really just throw them
    together rather quickly. I want to get some more professional ones made in
    08. Zibzer, It maybe a moderator trying to hold a monopoly on your
    industry. I would try emailing Dmoz and letting them know.