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  • Spook SEO 6 years ago

    That is really good but sometimes, being rhetorical can give you an
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  • buddyrich410 6 years ago

    That is one “unused” video. =p

  • Brian Mohrman 6 years ago

    that was well explained thank you perry for not being a stuck -up you know
    what your presentation was refreshingly real your welcome to party with me
    anytime Brian.Mohrman

  • enlargemedia 6 years ago

    It’s about making friends….good point!

  • Sharon Gadbois 6 years ago

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    what are the steps you take to ensure that your video gets the views it
    does? plz. thanks.

  • Margaret Oliver 6 years ago

    Hey Perry! Glad that I found you, this may save my bacon!

  • DO LOOKBE 6 years ago

    i love THIS

  • sona philip 6 years ago

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  • IMProductsReviewed1 6 years ago

    Hey #UN#, This was a pretty cool vid.

  • Christopher Powers 6 years ago

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  • theongbros 6 years ago

    Brilliant explanation

  • CatalystCris 6 years ago

    Love your transparency and willingness to teach and share. Taking your SMMS
    and making amazing friends. Appreciate you! It’s a whole new world you are
    introducing us to!

  • Fazihuzzamaan Rasheed 6 years ago

    What the hell this video. it slow motion. sound is rubbering. pls help to
    watch it

  • SWeidner007 6 years ago

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  • Smallplan8news 6 years ago

    The party metaphor is a good one. i am continually surprised by the number
    of people who’s first DM to me is a sales pitch. They miss the relationship
    concept completely.

  • caryellis489 6 years ago

    Perry you’re awesome love your course! :) Cary Ellis

  • Rex Follett 6 years ago

    ofcourse everything important on youtube is always fucked up with audio or
    video glitches has anyone else noticed this? FUCK YOU YOUTUBE AND FUCK YOU

  • MrCoolChannel 6 years ago


  • Amade0us 6 years ago

    need a serial for fbook email grabber

  • SunFitGal 6 years ago

    Cannot understand you through your entire video. The audio is choppy. Great
    information that I can see anyways.

  • David van den berg 6 years ago

    freddy. this is the most clear cut video on social media marketing. you’re
    a fricking genius. well done.

  • Jeff Faldalen 6 years ago

    You are right he is not involved with social media, but your reason is
    wrong!! Look it up, he is not hiding it I just spoke with one of his
    partners :)

  • wahwahgirl 6 years ago

    Great info… Had trouble playing and visual and audio do not match.

  • Cab Ron 6 years ago

    Just GREAT! Thanks for breaking it down! Appreciate the good work!

  • John Rapp 6 years ago

    Party On Belcher!