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  • Kenny Davis 7 years ago

    thanks for the Great Advice James! i will surely add This on my Steps!

  • Apple Tamura 7 years ago

    i heard a lot of you james! and finally watched some of your video’s
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  • Filomena Ritter 7 years ago

    thanks for the video tips! yes really important video tips james because some of youtube user’s upload video on youtube but doesn’t have a great views!
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  • Kimberly Mattson 7 years ago

    James wedmore This Vide IS great and Amazing thanks for this awesome video!

  • Judson Abrams 7 years ago

    this video is great nice video marketing tips James this video really gives me amazing tips!

  • How to Video Marketing 7 years ago

    Too much Details! lol

  • Song Thibodeau 7 years ago

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    amazing Details about Video Marketing James!
    thanks for the Tips!

  • Sam Leoberg 7 years ago

    this Video of you James is great id found many Video marketer like you but i found that your video marketing skills are really amazing thanks james!

  • James Wedmore 7 years ago

    Thanks Jason! Video Marketing is blowing up!!!

  • Blaine Padilla 7 years ago

    this Video is really amzing! it gets to the next level of marketing advice!
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  • James Williams 7 years ago

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  • Karlshin Torres 7 years ago

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  • Herbert Kelley 7 years ago

    james You are Great!
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    You Rock!

  • Jason Ccockrum 7 years ago

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  • Vitoria Castro 7 years ago

    I don’t get tired of watching you James!

    Vitoria Castro (VTA)

  • SeoFreeSoftware 7 years ago

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  • Marina Klima Goldberg 7 years ago

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  • knoxmarketingguys 7 years ago

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  • BenMur777 7 years ago

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  • theIMsponge 7 years ago

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  • CateringVideos 7 years ago

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  • PatriciaJRichard 7 years ago

    Thank you James! I got an idea for my other videos I want them rank in their keywords.. I really want to try your advice for ONLINE VIDEO MARKETING..

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  • JamesALeachman 7 years ago

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