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  • supersavvybusiness 7 years ago

    Thank you Matt, for the kind words! Yes, video is huge and it IS going to get bigger… How do you think business owners can make it a part of their daily/weekly routine?

  • supersavvybusiness 7 years ago

    I’m glad I could be of help! :)

  • supersavvybusiness 7 years ago

    Hey Darren, thanks for the question. I surely believe that Pinterest is a “must be” social platform for business owners. The visual impact it has on its usres is immense, and with the right message you can attract and engage a big number of people :)

  • Darren Says 7 years ago

    Hi Fiona… just wondering, do you have vested interest in Pinterest?

  • supersavvybusiness 7 years ago

    Hi Dexter, thank you for your kind words! Stay tuned, because I have lots of useful info coming your way soon! :)

  • Dexter Honess 7 years ago

    Hi Fiona, thanks for all your hard work with these updates, they really are very professionally produced and useful. :-)

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  • Kc Gabriel 7 years ago

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  • Jordan Owens 7 years ago

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  • Matt Holcomb 7 years ago

    Video Marketing is the future for sure. Why? Just look around. Virtually everyone has HD video cameras. Hence, the reason youtube will explode further. Our website, currently under construction, will include supersavvybusiness as a quality internet marketing source. Solid video.

  • AutoPilotBeats 7 years ago

    Yes!!! You are so on point! I just realized the potential of annual trends.