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  • Rosaline Ezakunnee 5 years ago

    I am new and your tips sounds great .don’t know much about Internet. I need
    your help hands on in the beginning to promote my Mary Kay business online.
    One thing that pushing me to you is when you say “”you can not give meat to
    a vegetarian”" I want you to teach how to get to my leads.

  • Sam M 5 years ago

    Hey Angela, thanks for replying! Are you into affiliate marketing?

  • Sam M 5 years ago

    Seek Jesus and HE will solve all of your problems, nothing else will. God

  • Sam M 5 years ago

    Converting leads takes awhile to accomplish if someone is still new.

  • Dave Fin 5 years ago

    Hi Angela..great advice and tips, especially about conversions..great stuff