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  • rachelle schmaus 7 years ago

    what kind of camera do you use.?. the quality is really good

  • Chad Ockstadt 7 years ago

    Just my webcam it was like 50 bux 2 years ago… ‘m sure there is much
    better now ..

  • IHaveADreamShow 7 years ago

    Great tips Chad, You are a pro. I like the way you got the results and
    talked us through it. This is a very effective way of teaching :)

  • Redneck Picker 7 years ago

    25,857 per month??? If you are earning that why the FUCK would you only
    have 49 views on youtube?? You should be a fucking JILLIONAIRE getting your
    cock sucked by a bunch of hot bitches…instead your are wearing a gay ass
    fucking hat being a hack on youtube…what a fucking JOKE!!!