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  • Taylor Watkins 7 years ago

    Let’s get your YouTube Videos seen high on YouTube and Google TODAY! Let me show you how.

    Do YOU want to get all that free traffic easily by getting your video seen on Page 1 of YouTube and Google?
    If yes, read on please.

    It’s actually pretty easy to rank videos. I guarantee that you will see results with the video course below. No kidding!

    tinyurl(dot)com/numberonerankings [Plenty of proof at site]
    change the “(dot)” in the URL(ABOVE) to “. com” then copy n paste in your browser.

  • Charlie Wang 7 years ago

    Thanks for making these information available. But I am really having a hard time hearing with the music going on background.

  • viralmarketingexpert 7 years ago

    hah! love your thinking !

  • Jeriff Cheng 7 years ago

    High Bounce rate is a fatal problem most sites are facing.
    So I never use Google Analytics, can’t let Google know about my sites’ bounce rate.

  • journik 7 years ago

    Hi Andrew!

    i think i’m going to try that. my only reason for doing it so early is that most people never watch more than 5 seconds of any video before moving on… but it’s worth the experiment. thanks!

  • Andrew Goulding 7 years ago


    A cultural thing, perhaps, but I’d've like the request for LIKE to be after the first main point, not before it. Keep up the good work, though.

  • DangerousMarketing 7 years ago

    spammy links will hurt you. even if they don’t, when google updates their filters… those links will disappear.

    It’s like building a house on mud. Eventually, everything will slide away

  • toshtao1 7 years ago

    Hey Wan. About 20 days ago I lost all of my rankings for all my pages in Google. I am nowhere to be found, and only my newest pages are ranking. People tell me I was Google slapped, or blacklisted due to spammy links. However, I always thought links could never hurt you, even if they were link farms. Do you by any chance know what is happening?