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  • BhuddaBounce 6 years ago

    Seo video done well. Good basics.

  • wengster 6 years ago

    very helpful indeed. :)

  • Don Mills 6 years ago

    she knows her Onions she does..and i mean that sincerely..Good
    looking,intelligent, and she’s blonde. well done. Thats one in the eye for
    sexist pigs. Good to see a woman in a high power job getting the exposure
    she deserves. Being herself and kicking ass…Superb

  • Gareth GSINC 6 years ago

    Useful video, great quality and quite glamourous baring in mind its talking
    about SEO :-)

  • kaiwen85 6 years ago

    stephanie is hot

  • kaiwen85 6 years ago

    i wish i could find a girl thats gorgeous like that and knows about SEO

  • William Rock 6 years ago

    Congrats Stephanie, SEO is a very important thing for any online store
    owner. Content & Links is very powerful and MonsterCommerce/
    NetworkSolutions allows merchants all the tools needed for search engine
    marketing. Great Job… Guys