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  • One Woman One Vision 6 years ago

    The SEO Training was really an eye opening when Rob opened is treasury box.

  • ValHeisey 6 years ago

    Pat your video is awesome! Must be cool living where you can see both
    oceans! Rob Fore is the man – his SEO training was mastery! Thanks for
    showing us the ninja tactics to building our businesses! Val

  • Alecia Stringer 6 years ago

    Very nice, we learned a lot of golden nuggets of knowledge.

  • Radu Dascalul 6 years ago

    Hey Pat, Rob Fore rocks :) SEO is a sure way to create a huge web around
    your blog/videos/business presentations and drive traffic for free month
    after month. You do it once but it stays forever. How cool is that:) Thanks
    for sharing, Radu

  • Dana Tisdel 6 years ago

    Love being on “the inside” of what this lady knows! The 100 Day Challenge

  • Linda Houlihan 6 years ago

    Thanks for sharing Pat. To bad I missed it. Took his course and what a
    difference it made.

  • Elizabeth Horlemann 6 years ago