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  • knowledgeprofessor 7 years ago

    Very impressed …I counted Hammer out….NOT!

  • easynesh 7 years ago

    unfortunately he is just verifying the status quo. heard it all before.

  • babathuault 7 years ago

    vivre mc hammer

  • soulinthewall77 7 years ago

    I don’t even know what he’s saying, but I’m fully engaged! j/k. But really, Hammer has a very engaging personality, and he seems to have certain intrinsic qualities which have always made him a great success–while he is evolving, reinventing, in ways, he seems to always remain the genuine “Hammer” I think all generations continue to love.

  • MyCoogikid 7 years ago

    Hammer u r the best.

  • examinfo 7 years ago

    Can`t keep a good man down period. Hammer is a good man.

  • TruthandJustice101 7 years ago

    What a shame that his social media business died. Oh well, he tried. At least we have the memories of the music!

  • Odoh Diego Okenyodo 7 years ago

    I’ve been watching this video for weeks and so positively stunned by Hammer’s life that I haven’t been able to gather my thoughts together in the dizziness.

  • Jon M. Huntsman School of Business 7 years ago

    Pretty cool to se MCHammer present at an event like this! great work, Stanford.

  • MrTorres155 7 years ago

    Great presentation……..It would be great to see these types of educational platforms in neigborhoods of poverty….many children need to see the other side of the fence, a world of opportunities and possibilities.

  • Perry Nelson 7 years ago

    Hammertime!!! Glad to see that he’s made a comeback for himself.

  • akaziaj 7 years ago

    Oakland’s native son made us proud. I learned a lot. He has always made his haters his motivators.

  • urdynamix1 7 years ago

    Hammer Will Always Be Successful, He Might’ve Been Thru His Ups and Downs Financially, But The Man Has Character.

  • SHIRELYQUESINB 7 years ago

    Can you get me lushfmlk.info

  • Noma Ehi 7 years ago

    Haters please shut up, this dude might have lose his money in the past, but he got brains, beside he looks like he still got some money, if not much but he is richer than all of you posting silly comments put together. i love you Mc Hammer.

  • scabble4205 7 years ago

    This is an awesome man. Let the record show, one of his down falls were he was too giving to his friends who later on took advantage of him.

  • Napolian757 7 years ago

    great presentation

  • Pam Perry 7 years ago

    Hammer, you go! Love your brain!

  • eddyvideostar 7 years ago

    @ingjony. To: Ingjony. MC Hammer has more suits and outfits than you will ever dream of having.

  • NewWorldRob 7 years ago

    I love you Hammer !!! Always have, since “Here Come the Hammer” and always will !!!!

  • Benny Kennedy 7 years ago

    Money manager is not the same as Marketing manager… Hammer knows how to promote… he just needs a good bookkeeper… I understand! Well done Hammer! Thank you Stanford

  • Jony Fdez 7 years ago

    his suit is rented

  • Dan Laninga 7 years ago

    Well played Mr Hammer!

  • nosequiters 7 years ago

    yeah but if you want to pay for this at stanford business school then thats your choice, but its free for us so ill make up my own mind.

  • BrooklynNYC777 7 years ago

    your just saying that cause he is african american. what about Elon Musk he jumps around from business to business but i dont see you posting bullsht on his videos. !!!!!! i exposed you, now go reinvent your life