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  • Mike Omar 7 years ago

    You’re welcome!

    Unfortunately, there are no perfect tools, so I’ve recommended the ones that are considered the best in this industry (the ones that I use as well). The best way to think about this business is to take all your blue keywords as “educated guesses” and attack them all. Then continue your work based on actual results from your efforts (focusing on the ones that start to show up on Page 2 and 1). Over time you’ll find that your websites start to rank for more keywords more easily.

  • Katyushenka 7 years ago

    Thank you for these comments, Ben and Mike!

    I have trouble finding even a single blue keyword when using Google SEO, but then the page ranks are much lower when using the free prchecker.info. I don’t know how reliable prchecker is, but for now I’ll follow the advice of using a bunch of keywords even if they seem tougher.
    Something I noticed with Google SEO is that it gives the same rank for every page of the same website (so, all Wikipedia pages are 8), while prchecker ranks pages separately.

  • Mike Omar 7 years ago

    That being said, if a keyword is on the fence, I usually go for it. That’s because at the beginning stages, this business is more about going for LOTS of keywords with LOTS of websites and seeing what sticks. Later on, you can go on much more reliable data provided by Google Analytics, and that data will lead the direction of your website portfolio.

    Hope this answer helps clarify what’s going on with the research tools and the best attitude to take to be successful in this business.

    Mike Omar

  • Mike Omar 7 years ago

    Hi Ben,

    In theory all tools should give the same PageRank results, but they’re not always accurate. These tools are some of the best out there (so there shouldn’t be that many inconsistencies), but unfortunately sometimes there are within certain niches.

    This business isn’t an exact science. Sometimes we have to make a decision based on several factors (PageRank of both tools, PageRank of other keywords in the same niche, our gut feeling about competing websites, Google Analytics data, etc.).

  • Benjamin Dreicer 7 years ago

    Hey Mike,

    I’ve been doing a lot of keyword research and have found that the results that Market Samurai produces are not consistent with the google SEO tool. For the exact same web pages they often give different page ranks. It’s usually that Market Samurai gives a much lower page rank than the Google SEO tool. Also, often times Market Samurai gives the local results for a keyword (for example the local businesses). I’m not sure how to deal with these discrepancies? Please advise. Thank You

  • Mike Omar 7 years ago

    I completely agree with you. I teach people to go after the easiest keywords when they are first starting out so they can get a few victories early on in their Internet marketing career and start to gain some forward momentum in this business.

    Once they have some experience and a number of #1 rankings under their belt, I definitely encourage them to go after tougher (and more valuable) keywords. Of course, they usually figure that out on their own anyway! ;)

    Experience is the greatest teacher.

  • Aaron Esteban 7 years ago

    In my theory & according to Market Samurai themselves, if you can beat anyone in the top 3-5 positions, then it’s worth a go. All you need to know is if anyone of the top 3-5 have a low PR, low BLP, & not well-optimized for that particular keyword phrase, then it should be easy to out-rank them. It doesn’t really matter if there are a couple that have a PR of 4-5. Just know that any of them that are weak enough in the top positions can still be beaten.

  • Mike Omar 7 years ago

    Hey! Not a dumb question at all. All the calculations I do are specifically for Google Adsense. However, if a keyword is extremely specific and I think it would be a good post for an affiliate product (CB, Amazon, or other), I generally assume that I can make MUCH more on that post with an affiliate product than I could with Google Adsense.

  • asbani911 7 years ago

    hey man, thanks for the vid , quick question, when you do the calculation of the cost per click and all the math stuff, is it solely just for adsense pages? For example if a person is making a website for affiliate marketing like cb or amazon, should he just ignore all these calculation steps and just find a keyword with good competition? or does the adsense and adword value also effect affiliate pages somehow? lol, sry if this sound like a dum question, im new to this.

  • TheNisseman 7 years ago

    Your videos are awesome!
    Homework’s almost done using market samurai :-)
    Have 4 groups done now :)