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  • jame ben 7 years ago

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  • Elmer Diaz 7 years ago

    Great Video by Lisa on building traffic yesterday and today

  • Lisa Irby 7 years ago
  • Lisa Irby 7 years ago

    Oh my! Well for the sake of the elephants, I’ll make sure I keep the vids
    coming! LOL

  • reddawn5297 7 years ago

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  • leejay hall 7 years ago

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  • Lisa Irby 7 years ago

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  • Roni Danley 7 years ago

    I chuckle when you say, “my videos aren’t even that good.” I think they’re
    amongst the best out here. I’ve learned so much from you in my short IM
    career, and I will heed your warning about linkbuilding.

  • NikoisBack 7 years ago

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  • Mzlyz 7 years ago

    Always enjoy your vides! You have so much to share!!!

  • drjamx 7 years ago

    Lisa, you have perfect teeth. Bye.

  • Eric Culpepper 7 years ago

    Lisa do you have any advice on creating traffic for flash websites? I have
    a full flash site, when it wen live, I dropped off the planet on google,
    even though I have register my site on google places, as well as all the
    other major search engines. There is so much confusion around SEO, Page
    rank, back links to create traffic. HELP!!!!

  • Rick Porter 7 years ago

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  • CuteFunnyVideo 7 years ago

    Lisa, you are an amazing human being. Thank you for sharing all this great
    informations for free. Your honesty is the reason I watch your videos.

  • Daniel Vaughan 7 years ago

    So cross link with blogs, I have a facebook page but I guess with 0 likes
    thats not much help, the sights for game servers

  • freelancelinkbuilder 7 years ago

    Yes I recall the day back in the early 2000s when it was MUCH easier to get
    listed in the Dmoz open directory. It’s great to hear that your traffic has
    grown so organically.

  • julian watenya 7 years ago

    talk about stumbleupon, digg and reddit traffic

  • ZippyGamercom 7 years ago

    @MrMiyako21 Content is king. Write great content on your site and other
    sites (guest blogging) and you’ll develop a reputation for great info.

  • Scott Turner 7 years ago

    guest blogging comments are pretty interesting

  • Youtique Bridal 7 years ago

    Thanks for sharing Lisa. I agree with starting the Youtube channel. It
    opened up a whole new world for me and I’m still trying to improve my
    blogging and social media skills:)

  • SDorje 7 years ago

    Thanks Lisa…Always informative. My service business website has been
    online for about 4-5 months and I am on the first page of Google search. No
    paid services of any kind other than hosting. I strictly go by content and
    tags that are geographically related to my services. This is working great
    and the mobile site is picking up too….Thanks again for your info.

  • Peter M. Bruno 7 years ago

    Hello Lisa, I and all of us love your videos and I have learned so much
    from you.I have been trying the link building from HP to my blog and Blog
    to HP but still no traffic to speak of and without the traffic ,no clicks
    on the ads. I will continue to write and hope things change in the future.
    Thanks again Lisa for all your info and knowledge Mark

  • frugalinteriordesign 7 years ago

    What prompted you to switch from Blogger to WordPress? I cross-promote
    between my website and Blogger blog which I think is beneficial but do like
    the look of WordPress blogs and have been contemplating a switch.

  • AutoPilotBeats 7 years ago

    Im still learning the many ways to build traffic. My youtube channel is
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    Creating as many entities online with HIGH authority sites. Im even using
    Pinterest now. Thanks Lisa! I love you.