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  • Harrison Watson 7 years ago

    Hey Marc,
    There are a lot of reasons that I am currently number 3 for link building on YouTube. Google’s algorithms are a bit tricky at times but the keys to ranking highly are (in a nutshell): Relevant Titles, Relevant Descriptions, Links to the Video, and a push for new & quality content. If you’re interested in more check out our blog. This will be a weekly video series. Maybe I can cover your question more in depth in a later series. Please subscribe and like if you enjoyed the content.

  • ryanwhiteguitarist 7 years ago

    Great information.

  • Marc Feder 7 years ago

    the 29th was tuesday

  • Marc Feder 7 years ago

    Impressive that with only 4 views and 1 day online you came up 3rd in search for Link Building. What’s the reason if you don’t mind sharing it with someone eager to learn online marketing.