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  • Jason C. Waite 6 years ago

    If you liked this Keyword Research Tips 2014 video post would you mind
    liking it, or subscribing to this channel. As well, if you have questions
    how you too can get your cell phone service for free like I am in the
    video, feel free to leave a comment below.

  • Rashid SalMan 6 years ago

    its liiiiiiife not laaaafe 

  • KvT_! 6 years ago

    Its funny how you pronounce “Life”..lol

  • Patrick Longley 6 years ago

    Nice video and simple solution. Do you use market samurai at all?

  • John Lorefice 6 years ago

    Nice Idea My Friend.

  • Jason C. Waite 6 years ago