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  • Jason Cudjoe 7 years ago

    what 2 do after u got a strike 1 flag on youtube

  • going4u2 7 years ago

    Oppps, I meant phrase

  • going4u2 7 years ago

    How many keywords can you use in the tags per phraze? “Like Can I get some dang help here”? Would say 7 be too much?

  • soldwithvideo 7 years ago

    Cool video!

  • soldwithvideo 7 years ago

    Don’t forget your transcript is important as well.

  • niksha992 7 years ago

    Hey guys :) I just want to ask something? What is better? More or less tags in videos? If i upload for example call of duty black ops, Do I have to type as much tags i can or not? :) Ty for answer.
    Vidiseo you are aswesome btw ;)

  • Omar Elismaely 7 years ago

    How are editing your videos what program are you using please tell me and awesome videos btw i’m one your subscribers ;)

  • Achintha Kasun 7 years ago

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  • anabel vargas 7 years ago

    my channel is ehh lol ^ . ^

  • BEtvNetwork 7 years ago

    This was very helpful. Thanks.

  • sugalynnie23 7 years ago

    i think im really really dumb because i still dont get it

  • stackcups 7 years ago

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  • xDualShockGamingx 7 years ago

    Epic Tutorials!

  • MusicManC 7 years ago

    This helps but I guess I have some work to do if I’m gonna get more views… O_O

  • TheMirrorimageman 7 years ago


  • BeautyByAlyssaRenee 7 years ago

    I loveee your videos<3You inspired me to make my own beauty channel! I literally posted my first video to my beauty channel 2 days ago and I would be soooo thankful if any of you checked my channel out! I know these comments get annoying, but everyone has to start somewhere, somehow.It only takes a minute.Thank you all so much for your time!Much Appreciated(: xoxo, Alyssa.Please Help Make A Girls’ Dream Come True <3You were once in my position,so please help me out :) ***LIKE So Everyone Can See*

  • farawayvr 7 years ago

    Great Video….. without a doubt these are the most entertaining videos on youtube marketing… way to go….love it

  • Byron Allanvre 7 years ago

    These are very helpful. thanks bro

  • MichelleisnotEpic 7 years ago

    Same! :( 

  • ibHarris 7 years ago

    Hey I just wanted to say thanks a bunch for all your videos! As a new Youtuber I’m finding them all to be SUPER informative and really helping me get the basics down. Keep it up!

  • TheUndoneOrchestra 7 years ago

    Matt is AWESOME!

  • liefpandabeertje 7 years ago

    When I go to analytics and choose my video, click on traffic sources, I get nothing….. Any advice ?

  • 247Jeremie 7 years ago

    Everyone watch my youtube videos and subscribe

  • TheDavidTaylerShow 7 years ago


  • Theandreyshow 7 years ago

    You want subscribers? please Subscribe me and i promise you that i will subscribe you with 2 of my channels thats 2 subscribers! :)