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INTERNET MARKETING. Jamie Lewis the Movie: How to get rich.

Want 1 on 1 coaching with Jamie? Check this out.. The story of Jamie Lewis, Lawnmower man. Internet Marketing Manifesto. 90 Minute…
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  • Jamie Lewis 6 years ago

    We have just opened out doors for consultations and assistance, you can get
    started here:

  • Mick Malkemus 6 years ago

    Hey Jamie, I’m your 2,000the subscriber. Can I get an “attaboy”?

  • goldsilverandiamonds 6 years ago

    Remind’s me of Frank Kern’s marketing style, did you learn from him? 

  • Cortney Warren 6 years ago

    Was that Gravy??

  • Jamie Lewis 6 years ago
  • Mark Upshaw 6 years ago

    Thank you for telling it like it is…too few people understand that it
    simply takes focused work to make it happen. 

  • makemoneytoday de 6 years ago

    hey friends great video , check my clickbank blog net

  • your the sort of motivated person, that would do well at anything.. my life
    sucks an i stupid /adhd whatever so i cannot concentrate so prob thats why
    ill probly do fuck all in life…

  • ParadigmShift302 6 years ago

    looks like a younger version of Tim Westwood

  • James Edwards 6 years ago

    Question. I am a affiliate marketer (not a good one). I signed up with
    clickbank and wanted to buy all of your videos for 39 dollar but when I
    went to the website it stated that it would charge me 1 dollar for 7 days
    and 97 dollars a month. Can you hook me up with the deal for 39 dollars. Or
    tell me the major sites that you post your ads on like you did with the
    lady that mad 1600 dollars in about 4 hours. Thanks :) 

  • Bryan Foder 6 years ago

    Hey Jamie its about damn time that somebody comes out and just tells
    things the way they are , instead of the lies and bullshit the gurus put
    out – that confuses the average joe and makes the hole damn thing soooooo
    Me ? i had been i buisness online for a long time and i hate Gurus and i
    would love to meet them in person and beat some sense into them – anyway
    enough said 

  • Matthew Neer 6 years ago

    Pimpin’ aint easy ;) 

  • syz knockaholics 6 years ago

    Just watched the movie and got alot out of it. Our lives are strikingly
    similar. Crazy. Im a music producer as well and ventured into video
    production. Always been skeptical of IM Gurus but you put it straight. WOW.
    Cant wait for Wealth in a Box

  • dale ryan 6 years ago


  • JordiPlays 6 years ago

    That stupid intro, fuck me. 

  • Cameryn Smith 6 years ago

    Great story Jamie I would def love to take part in ur one on one classes

  • Roceller Alvarez 6 years ago

    Wow.. i can’t believe I listened to all of this. Good stuff though!

  • Money Kattz 6 years ago

    Hey Jamie what was the original title to this again? I think it would be a
    great email headline for me to show this video to my list of subscribers as
    one of my extra bonuses. 

  • tigermediamarketing 6 years ago

    Interesting video lots of people are searching for info about this now.

  • way thomas 6 years ago

    Great video looking for Internet marketing let me help you email me

  • Buy Retweets Online 6 years ago

    mann working from the bottom is always soo much effort.. i dont have enough
    free time im an aerospace engineering student. i think il go on one of his
    sites and pay for him to create a ready made business for me or something..
    does he do that service would a couple hundred be enough..

  • Thomas Witek 6 years ago

    The OG of IM doing it BIG!

  • Adrian Cremenea 6 years ago

    At the beginning of the video the first impression was hate, you are ugly :) ) seeing all the video and impressed by your competitive character,
    separating you from the losers you are o.k. , actually you are GREAT, Man,
    you inspire me! You deserve a BIG LIKE!

  • Chris James 6 years ago

    I must say….that was most likely the longest, funniest, interesting video
    I have watched in a LOOOOOOONG time. I have always like Jamie’s parody
    videos as I think they are funny as hell, but to hear the beginning all the
    way through to where he is at right now really gives motivation to myself
    and hopefully others who have watched it.

    If you haven’t watched it fully then I highly suggest that you do as you
    will like it and learn a little bit as well while cracking a smile or a
    laugh (like I did) every once in a while.

    What I like is Jaime is a “straight up” type of guy and lives life that
    way. He is just himself and it pays off, LITERALLY!

    Jaime, I enjoy all of your videos…keep them up and maybe if we meet one
    day at a seminar or something we can create a funny as video together! You

  • Myakamj1 6 years ago

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