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  • Jesse Smith 7 years ago

    Hi jedskillz, thanks very much for your feedback. I agree completely, the
    lighting on this was less than stellar. And yeah the angle shows way too
    much chin. It was filmed with a cheapo point-and-shoot camera that was
    sitting on a stack of books because I don’t have a tripod. Maybe someday
    I’ll upgrade my setup… Thanks again.

  • Jesse Smith 7 years ago

    Sorry that bugged you, themadpixel. I do appreciate your feedback, and I
    did my best to take this into consideration on my more recent videos.
    They’re still not the earthly embodiment of perfection itself, but
    hopefully an improvement. Thanks!

  • themadpixel 7 years ago

    stop looking at the prompter

  • Chandrasekhar Reddy 7 years ago


  • jedskillz 7 years ago

    Good job for this one, but I don’t like the red lightings and the angle.
    Other than that, it’s pretty helpful! Especially for people who plans on
    web content writing. Thanjs

  • The Best Spinner 7 years ago